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From marble to stone: celebrating the eternal beauty of raw materials.

Gracefully exuding a sculptural and timeless appeal, natural materials like marble and stone showcase a stylish aesthetic that transcends eras, embodying the quintessential qualities of classic elegance. From the textured surfaces of tables to sculptural objects that bridge the gap between functional design and artistic expression, the furnishings and accessories we selected are a testament to the meticulous artistry of nature, creating an enchanting dance of patterns and colours that promises to redefine the ambiance of any room.

Baxter Lagos
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Transporting you across continents, these types of stone carry the hues of distant lands, spanning from the embracing warmth of rich browns to the allure of exotic greens and blues. With the intricate vein patterns of marble and the enchanting irregularities inherent in stone, each piece crafted from these materials showcases an innate elegance, a natural sophistication that remains beyond the reach of artificial replication.

In the span of over ten years, the Tobi-Ishi table designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for B&B Italia has evolved into an unmistakable icon, earning a special edition adorned with white Carrara and green Alpi marble strips.

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Part of the Alice tableware collection, designed by Bethan Gray for Editions Milano, the cake stand and chopping board emerge as true masterpieces of artisanal excellence. The purest Arabescato marble and the most intense Marquinia marble are harmoniously juxtaposed in an invisible union, creating a minimalist and refined optical illusion that epitomizes meticulous design.

Coolers A
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Editions Milano Coolers G
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An embodiment of functional elegance, Cooler G designed by Pietro Russo is a marble container ingeniously engineered to maintain the ideal temperature of your wine bottle, thanks to the natural qualities of marble. Crafted from Grand Antique marble, this exquisite piece showcases a striking interplay of black and white.

The Column series, by Pierre Augustin Rose, is a conceptual artistic expression: real marble columns, measuring 45cm in diameter and 75 cm in height, that transcend conventional design to embody a unique form of creative ingenuity. While their classical inspiration is undeniable, these essential columns seamlessly find their place as the perfect complement for a contemporary home. Elevating their surroundings to new heights of elegance, these unique marble sculptures enhance any object graced upon them.

Pierre Augustin Rose Fumoir
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Within the array of stone accessories offered by Pierre Augustin Rose, the Helios mirror series emerges as an exceptional standout. Each piece showcases beautifully sculpted portions of marble with thick scalpel-cut profiles. These mirrors are meant to grace walls much like artworks, with the reflection itself becoming an additional captivating visual element.

The Eros table by Agapecasa, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1971, is made of white Carrara marble, Carnico grey, Marquina black, Alpi green, Emperador dark and Travertino.

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Vipp VIPP592
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Vipp's artistry transforms marble into a refined and elegant sculptural lamp. The intricately carved stone, transitioning into a gentle and rounded form, blends seamlessly with the hand-blown glass shade. The Sculpture lamp illuminates with a warm and inviting glow that can be delicately dimmed using the integrated dimmer.

La Chance Marmini
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Exuding a sense of minimalist architectural grace, the Marmini armchair by La Chance is a combination of three distinct volumes that appear as though they defy unity. Two solid marble elements, seemingly yearning to detach from the upholstered seat, converge in an unconventional yet captivating design. Adding to the allure, this seating series is complemented by a chaise longue that extends the narrative of this distinctive ensemble.

Marble undergoes a striking transformation, defying its inherent weight, when employed in the crafting of accessories, as exemplified by the Mito lamp from Rakumba. The expert shaping makes it as ductile as fabric, elevating its essence beyond its traditional heaviness.

Gamma is an elegant stool, meticulously designed and crafted by the hands of Pietro Franceschini. Drawing inspiration from a delicate balance between classical elements – exemplified by the presence of marble and courtly shapes – and lighter components, Gamma blurs the boundaries between culture and furniture, creating an immersive experience that extends into the realm of collectibles.

The Plinth coffee table by Audo Copenhagen is a celebration of the inherent splendour of natural materials paired with exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted with meticulous precision, this table unveils the essential purity and individuality of its chosen material. In addition to Calacatta Viola, Grey Kendzo, Nero Marquina and White Carrara marble, the Plinth collection also includes Kunis Breccia. This distinctive option, a harmonious fusion of warm-toned stones, introduces a subtle texture that ushers in a new dimension of elegance.

Designed by AL Studio for Antoniolupi, the Roma coffee table-stool pays homage to classical forms, seamlessly blending history with contemporary elegance. Its profile is a striking rendition of the iconic Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, a revered symbol of Rome's EUR district. The table-stool captures the essence of this architectural marvel through its geometry and the rhythmic cadence of arched openings.

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