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The seduction of marble: collectible sculptural tables

The material properties of a noble stone and the natural beauty of its veining enhance marble tables with unique, unrepeatable details. Imposing and sculptural, light and minimal, geometric or sinuous, mono-material tables feature the elegant personality of collectible art, lending a distinctive touch to contemporary interiors.

Expert know-how and masterful craftsmanship: historic brands, renowned marble masters and leading designers celebrate the splendor of marble through the creation of refined, elegant and iconic sculptural tables.

Baxter, Jupiter Special Edition, Studiopepe
Baxter Jorgen Sedia-Bo.Hemian - Choco-Satin Brass
BaxterJorgen Sedia-Bo.Hemian - Choco-Satin Brass
Agapecasa, M, Tre
Agapecasa M
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AgapeTre 3Shop online
Agapecasa, M table, Angelo Mangiarotti
Agapecasa, Asolo table, Angelo Mangiarotti
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Agapecasa, Asolo table, Angelo Mangiarotti
Agapecasa, Asolo table, Angelo Mangiarotti

The Asolo table, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1981 and produced by Agapecasa, is named after the Italian term for the two eyelets on the top into which two thin, trapezoidal legs are inserted. Their particular inclination is the secret behind the balance and stability of an essential table, whose mono-material core emphasizes its refined minimalism.

Agapecasa, Eccentrico table, Angelo Mangiarotti

Agapecasa's Eccentrico table is an elegant masterpiece of engineering precision and balance. Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1979, it challenges the laws of physics, turning the artist into a brilliant designer-builder. Consisting of only two elements, the table reveals an extensive research into gravity joints: the elliptical top fits asymmetrically into a solid tilted cylindrical foot; due to its weight and friction, it connects seamlessly to the joint.

Salvatori, Proiezioni, Elisa Ossino
Salvatori, Proiezioni, Elisa Ossino

The amazing effects of light on marble inspired Proiezioni, a range of tables designed by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori dal 1946. The most interesting circular version of the table features one volumetric leg and a top with inlays, either in Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquinia or in Verde Alpi and Verde Cipollino, which bring shadows and geometries to life.

SALVATORI dal 1946Love Me, Love Me Not_2881.a
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Salvatori dal 1946, Love me, love me not

Stone is the star of Love me, love me not, a collection designed by Michael Anastassiades for Salvatori dal 1946. Sumptuous marble shades, especially in the Rouge du Roi version, enhance the finesse of the stone, which is treated with a matte finish to give it a more contemporary look without sacrificing its fascinating veining pattern.

The table features a pure, simple design. The distinctive legs present a semi-elliptical section that lightens and enlivens the volumes; in the elegant circular version, the three legs are closer to the geometric center of the top, thus increasing the seating comfort of the table, while retaining sufficient stability.

SALVATORI dal 1946Love Me, Love Me Not_7432.a
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Pibamarmi, Conico
Pibamarmi, Pin

Pibamarmi introduces its new range of four sophisticated tables whose peculiarity, besides the preciousness of the material, is the interesting leg that differs for each table. Conico, Pin - with its sinuous teardrop shape, or Dorico - inspired by the shaft of the homonymous Greek architectural order of columns, and the intriguing Plissé, recalling fabric with thick vertical folds. The seductive marbles selected for the tables are unique for both the top and the leg, matching with class the original workmanship of each piece and exalting its forms.

Pibamarmi, Dorico
Pibamarmi, Plissé
GubiEpic Table-Neutral White Travertine
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Gubi Beetle Chair
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Epic, by GamFratesi for Gubi, is inspired by the architecture of ancient Rome: its sculptural and monolithic design enhances the beauty of travertine stone.

Gubi, Epic, Gamfratesi
Gubi Violin
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Gubi Pacha
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Multiple shades of green fill the wide palette of Marea, the sea-inspired table of the Aqua collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri. Verde Cipollino, Verde Lapponia, Verde Acquamarina, Verde Alpi: the exceptional marble shades, the graphic patterns and the distinctive veining exalt the essence of this prestigious material and emphasize its uniqueness.

Budri, Marea, Patricia Urquiola
BudriEarthquake 5.9
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BudriOrigami Tavolino
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Budri, Origami Eartquake, Patricia Urquiola
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The splendor of marble in all its color gradations, textures and intricate veining. Budri tables celebrate the beauty of this noble material with a collection of tables based on the brand's signature oxymoron: "the lightness of weight". Designer Patricia Urquiola conceives tables as ancient Japanese origami, her Origami table molds the precious and solid stone to become as light as paper and float elegantly in space. Origami Eartquake is a hybrid version that meets Urquiola's other collection of tables, Eartquake, in which marble and onyx create dynamic inlays and geometries.

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