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Mohd Christmas Guide: Unexpected Gifts, the art of surprise

Boundless creativity that transforms everyday objects into something truly extraordinary. Mastering the art of surprise with an unusual style—always original and authentic. Explore Mohd's guide, featuring Cassina, Gufram, Vitra, and discover the perfect unexpected gift among the most irreverent, ironic, and innovative designs, celebrating good taste and exclusivity.

Allunaggio Zanotta
Sella Zanotta
Zanotta William
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Zanotta Sella
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Within the realm of striking design objects, true masterpieces emerge from the world of ready-made art. Icons like Sella by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, or the Tour Table with wheels by Gae Aulenti, not only elevate the overall aesthetic of your space but also bring with them a piece of design history, infusing your home with the unconventional genius of their creators.

Tour FontanaArte
FontanaArte Tour
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Les grands trans parents Cassina
Cassina Bramante
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Cassina Les Grands Trans-Parents
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Cassina Zig-Zag Chair
CassinaZig-Zag Chair Shop online

Seemingly eccentric objects that encapsulate historical and artistic inspirations. Within the Cassina collection, the Traccia coffee table pays homage to the claw feet of furniture from bygone eras, while the Les Grands Trans-Parents mirror draws inspiration from the works of Man Ray, bringing a touch of surrealism into your home.

Cactus Gufram
Gufram Cactus Another Green
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Gufram Cactus Another White
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Discover true design sculptures: Gufram's cactus, a symbol of radical design, and the Juicy Salif XXL that transforms this iconic design by Philippe Starck for Alessi into an extra-large piece of furniture, transcending the boundaries of the kitchen to adorn any room with a touch of flamboyant taste.

Juicy Salif XXL
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Wiggle Side Chair
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Within the realm of chair design, Vitra and Varier showcase iconic reinterpretations of this ordinary yet functional piece of furniture. The Wiggle side chair emerges from Frank Gehry's visionary pursuit to breathe new life into the humble material of cardboard. Meanwhile, the Ekstrem™, with its unconventional geometry, invites you to enjoy a seating experience that defies conventions.

Transforming the key players on the chessboard into essential elements of design, Bobo Piccoli crafts two floor lamps that stand as true artistic statements. The Re and Regina, masterpieces from FontanaArte, not only adorn the room with their sculptural forms but also cast a gentle, ambient glow in soft white light.

Re Regina FontanaArte
FontanaArte Re
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FontanaArte Regina
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Grande Volière
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Mini Volière
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The Les Volières collection by Mathieu Challières captivates with its poetic and lighthearted style, infusing color and a touch of extravagance that efforlessly transforms even the most minimalist of rooms.

Enso Catellani&Smith
Catellani & Smith Enso
Catellani & SmithEnso Shop online

Designer lamps leave a lasting impression with their distinctive blend of form and suggestion. The creativity of designers manifests in daring combinations of materials, colors, geometry, and interplays of light and shadow. This artistic expression is further enriched by ironic references and surreal reinterpretations of reality.

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Zettel'z 5
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Zettel'z 5, crafted by the renowned designer Ingo Maurer, is a creation uniquely defined by the creativity of its owner. It extends an invitation for self-expression, allowing individuals to imprint their personal touch, thus making one of the most iconic lamps in contemporary lighting design even more unique and non-replicable.

Zettel'z 5 Ingo Maurer

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