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Mohd's gift guide for corporate presents

In the corporate world, gifting serves as a means of expressing recognition and appreciation towards employees, customers, or business partners. While conventionally consisting of pens, diaries, or personalized mugs, recent years have witnessed a shift towards designer corporate gifts encompassing a variety of categories, from office essentials to exquisite furnishings. Mohd curates a selection that transcends fleeting trends, inviting you to embark on a journey to explore iconic pieces that bear witness to the evolution of design.

Nomon Pico
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When a company decides to give a designer present, it sends a powerful message: it acknowledges the importance of its relationships with employees or customers and seeks to reward them with something exceptional. These gift are thoughtfully selected to align with the company's identity and values.

Stepping into the realm of modern technology, meet the Ethan charging station for smartphones and tablets by Giobagnara. This sophisticated walnut box, adorned in various shades of soft leather, effortlessly charges multiple electronic devices simultaneously.

Vitra ToolBox
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Our selection includes a variety of eco-friendly options, starting with Vitra's timeless classic, the Toolbox, now available in the RE edition crafted from recycled plastics. Then, there's Poltrona Frau's exquisite accessory, the Notebook, featuring a soft Pelle Frau® Impact Less leather cover and paper composed entirely of 100% recycled fibers.

Gli Oggetti
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If you're inclined toward iconic design pieces, the Timor desk calendar by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano is an absolute must. Designed in the 1960s, it remains a timeless masterpiece.

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Moreover, in this age when objects are experiencing a renaissance in contemporary living, we present the highly sought-after Guggenheim vase series by 101 Copenhagen, offering fresh inspirations for your home.

Alternatively, consider Lladró's Guest sculptures, available in various colors, to grace your interior spaces with a touch of personality and charm.

The White Guest
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For those seeking a corporate gift that is both functional and exquisitely designed, the Pumo by Fabio Novembre for Kartell is a distinctive and stylish choice.

For a distinctive touch that adds personality to your space, explore the fragrances by Baobab Collection. Infused with cedarwood and lively musk notes, these candles, like the exquisitely packaged Bohomania, not only elevate the home's ambiance but also awaken sensory perceptions in a uniquely original way.

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Tivoli Audio Model One
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These items, aside from their remarkable beauty and originality, serve as investments in a company's image. When it comes to conveying elegance and style, Mohd expertly assists you in selecting designer corporate gifts.

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