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The embracing, immersive experience of Mohd Sinfonia

During the Milan Design Week 2023, Mohd presents Mohd Sinfonia at Mohd Officina, located at Via Macchi 82, Milan. Nichetto Studio with Steinway & Sons will enchant visitors with an immersive and embracing experience.

It is a sensory project designed to envelop the viewer in a synthesis of art and design, always following Mohd's pluralistic vision. The Gran Nichetto piano for Steinway & Sons designed by Luca Nichetto is one of the main attractions of this event.

A piano and thirteen sets designed specifically for the event and filled with draperies that recall the typical stage curtains: this is the installation created by Nichetto Studio which, exploiting Mohd Officina's vaulted ceiling, successfully combines aesthetic dimension and sound for an extraordinary visual experience, as in a splendid symphony of elements. The new Steinway & Sons piano shows off its beauty, accompanying visitors as they explore the new collections, objects, furniture and brands, like Pierre Augustin Rose, exhibiting for the first time in Italy, as well as De La Espada, Baxter, Toogood, Ethimo and Royal Botania. All the collections tell the story of Mohd's ongoing research on how to experience the contemporary city.

One of the main attractions of the event is the limited edition "Gran Nichetto" grand piano, created for Steinway & Sons and designed by Luca Nichetto and Nichetto Studio in 2022. For the first time in Europe, the Milan Design Week will host a precious piece with a distinctive aesthetic and a soft design with brass or stainless steel details, inspired by the hulls of gondolas. Deemed the world's best high-resolution piano, it will enhance the set-up by creating a beautiful and immersive theatre atmosphere.

The Mohd Sinfonia event will take place between 19 and 21 April 2023, with a total of three performances, each featuring an internationally renowned pianist. Roberta Di Mario, Monica Zhang and Costanza Principe will perform an evening live concert that will immerse the décor in an evocative musical experience.

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