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Mohd, a new exclusive edition in collaboration with Molteni&C

Highlighting the timeless value of Gio Ponti's D.154.2 armchair, which won the 2024 Compasso d'Oro Career Award as a long-selling product, Mohd unveils an exclusive edition that enhances the luxury and elegance of this iconic Molteni&C classic. This collaboration passionately celebrates the everlasting beauty of this design while embodying the ongoing pursuit of new lifestyle and aesthetic concepts.

Molteni D.154.2
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Molteni&C D.154.2
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Molteni D.154.2
D.154.2  Molteni

The special edition is adorned in fine Marquise velvet by Jim Thompson, featuring a three-dimensional texture uniquely enhanced in three selected colors: black emphasizes the geometric pattern, gold exudes opulence, and beige imparts softness. Available exclusively at Mohd, this armchair in all three shades is a true collector's item.

Molteni D.154.2
Molteni D.154.2
Molteni D.154.2
Gallotti&Radice Selce
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The D.154.2 was originally designed for the Planchart art collectors' villa in Caracas, Venezuela, where Gio Ponti envisioned an armchair using innovative materials, symbolizing a new idea of comfort. It was this international commission, far from traditional Italian furniture, that earned the armchair the Career Award at the 70th edition of the Compasso d'Oro.

Molteni D.154.2
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Molteni D.154.2

"Villa Planchart in Caracas is the result of my experiences, following my travels in Latin America in 1953"

Molteni D.154.2

The body, made from two polyurethane elements—one hard and one soft—along with a seat cushion, creates a distinctive silhouette reminiscent of a welcoming shell. This iconic profile has made the armchair famous and symbolizes both comfort and lifestyle.

Molteni D.154.2
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