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Marie Claire Maison and Mohd present "Le Case di Carta": an exhibition capturing the essence of living over the past two decades

"Le Case di Carta", an exhibition curated by Domitilla Dardi marking the 20th anniversary of Marie Claire Maison, captures the evolution of living over the past two decades. Iconic pieces from leading brands unveil the varied ways of experiencing home life through five distinct rooms, showcasing the cultural and aesthetic changes of this millennium. Initially hosted at the Mudec in Milan, the installation transitions into the virtual realm on Mohd, offering an immersive 3D experience for people to engage with and explore the objects displayed at the event.

Internoitaliano Enna
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The Archive House embraces tradition at its very core, becoming a vessel of intimate and universal memories. Drawing inspiration from the legendary designers of the past, this connection isn't rooted in nostalgia but in a deep sense of belonging. Among the pieces that embody this spirit are Philippe Starck's Masters and Louis Ghost for Kartell.

Magis Spun
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Edra Pack
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An eclectic theatre where whimsical and playful designs take the spotlight, like Magis' Spun or Petite Friture's Vertigo lamp. The Performance House mirros the vibrant style of its residents, unveiling furnishings that seamlessly integrate into everyday life, becoming an active and delightful part of your home experiences.

Antoniolupi Flow
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Glas Italia Simoon 09 Console
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Pedrali Frida 752 Chair
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Agape Immersion
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The Pure House is a sanctuary where purity finds its expression in precision, geometry, and a mindful absence of waste. This ethical haven pays homage to sustainable production, showcasing designs like Magis' Chair One and Flos' IC. Inside, a minimalist ambiance reveals itself through soft colors and abstract shapes, creating an atmosphere of serene simplicity.

Moroso Tropicalia
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Lema Booken
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Ethimo Rotin
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The Superfunctional House redefines living by seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces, erasing the lines between private and professional environments. This concept results in intelligent, dynamic interiors that fluidly adapt to the diverse and evolving needs of its inhabitants.

Ethimo Rotin
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Flos Skygarden
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Molteni&C Arc
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Décor defines and imbues our space with uniqueness, personality, and authenticity. The Techno-Craft House rejuvenates the appreciation for craftsmanship, emphasizing the importance of intricate details, the meanings we bestow upon them, and their communicative power.

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