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Molteni&C kitchens: between beauty and innovation

Molteni&C kitchens with Dada Engineered: where timeless aesthetics meet innovative technology. Designed by renowned international architects, these kitchens are built to last. From modular designs to options with island or peninsula, each piece effortlessly blends with your home décor's style while offering functional and unique solutions.

The Intersection kitchen, a finalist in the prestigious 2021 NYCxDesign Awards, is a captivating creation by Vincent Van Duysen. With its sculptural and monolithic effect achieved through the unique beauty of natural stone, this kitchen creates a truly breathtaking visual impact. Geometrical inlays and colour juxtapositions define the architectural elegance of Intersection, turning it into a mesmerising centrepiece. The balance of aesthetics and innovative technology is particularly evident in the lightweight, functional, easy to open door panels, while the exceptional work of the outer corner joint connecting the doors and side panel showcases an appreciated attention to detail.

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The Tivalì 2.0 built-in kitchen, an evolution of Dante Bonuccelli's 2004 design, is enriched with the addition of the Post ergonomic solid wood handle and the aligned operating columns 2.0. At first glance, it appears as an enclosed piece of furniture with sliding doors, but upon opening, its full potential is revealed. The doors seamlessly fit within the container's outline, maximizing space utilization. Originally conceived for 2.4 to 3-metre spaces, Tivalì 2.0 is available in three height and two width options, allowing you to customise it in various finishes from the collection.

A symbol of modular and architectural elegance, the Ratio kitchen features metal grids that gracefully define the basic structure, wall units, columns, hoods, and accessories, resulting in a cohesive and visually captivating aesthetic. Every element is thoughfully balanced, creating a harmonious interplay of empty and full spaces. With the introduction of new materials, including the exquisite Breccia Capraia natural stone, Ratio stands out as a remarkable piece of the Molteni&C collection, exuding a distinctive personality and a striking structural minimalism.

VVD Cucina
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Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, the handle-less VVD kitchen showcases a striking contrast between the substantial thickness of the worktops and the sleek design of the side and end elements. This unique combination enhances the richness of materials and colours, accentuating the kitchen's architectural dynamism and sophisticated beauty. From the Bright glass wall units with their cushioned micro-hinge to the pivot hinge allowing 180° door opening, every detail is cleverly concealed yet highly functional. With the added flexibility of an aluminum supporting frame, wall-hung compositions can be effortlessly created.

Designed by the Dada Engineered R&D department, the Prime kitchen features a seamless recessed opening, spacious Vionaro drawers, and ergonomically shaped doors with 45° angled top. The composition is complemented by an inviting snack area, showcasing a titan and pewter aluminium structure with a dark walnut top.

With its clean design and versatile compositional options, the Prime kitchen is perfectly tailored to suit any home's style, adding an elegant yet functional touch to the space.

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