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Molteni&C Outdoor 2024: embracing the harmony of nature and design in open-air living

Following the success of the inaugural collection, Molteni&C unveils its 2024 outdoor furniture pieces, reimagining outdoor living spaces in a harmonious connection with nature. This collection effortlessly bridges indoor and outdoor spaces, blending intimate and shared environments. The design interacts with the landscape, showcasing organic forms and soft lines while preserving a distinctive identity. New additions enrich the collection with decorative elements, enhancing it in a cohesive and sophisticated manner.

Molteni&C Outdoor 2024

A key element of the collection is the diverse selection of materials, meticulously mixed and matched to achieve an exclusive aesthetic. This year, alongside teak, the collection introduces lava stone, concrete, ropes, metals in red merlot and gold finishes, and ceramics. This carefully curated selection highlights the brand's commitment to sustainability and its deep connection with nature.

Sway 3 Seater Sofa
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The Sway collection, designed by Yabu Pushelberg, showcases a masterful combination of materials and textures. The solid teak frame and woven backrest evoke the natural charm of Mediterranean tradition, while metal details like the feet and backrest supports lend a contemporary aesthetic.

Sway Outdoor Sofa Picea Molteni&C

Sway is a comprehensive furniture system that redefines the outdoor experience, blending design, functionality, and natural beauty.

The modular sofa includes single, center, side, and corner elements, as well as islands and chaise longues. This variety allows for customized configurations, from intimate settings to large areas for shared relaxation. The pouf and side tables, whether used as joining elements or independently, add functionality and flexibility.

Sway Outdoor Molteni
Boboli Molteni
Molteni&C Boboli
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Molteni&C Picea
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Vincent Van Duysen's Boboli collection features a two-seater sofa and armchair with a solid teak design and hand-woven backs using écru polypropylene fiber strips. The craftsmanship enhances the natural aesthetic, affirming the dialogue between design and nature that inspires the Molteni&C Outdoor Collection.

Molteni Boboli
Molteni&C Boboli
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Molteni&C Boboli Sofa
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 Petalo High Molteni
Petalo Low Molteni
Molteni&C Picea Tavolino - Outdoor
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Molteni&C Petalo
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The new Petalo collection, also by Vincent Van Duysen, embodies his vision of outdoor living. Its shell shape creates an intimate, cocoon-like space for enjoying the outdoors in comfort.

Petalo  Molteni
Molteni&C Petalo
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Molteni&C Petalo
Molteni&CPetalo Shop online
Molteni&C Picea Tavolino - Outdoor
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The woven backrest, available in high and low versions, pairs with an enveloping cushion for extraordinary relaxation, while the pouf offers additional support and enhances the outdoor experience.

The recyclable aluminum base adds a sense of lightness to the armchair's design, and the merlot red option provides a distinctive touch.

Picea Molteni

The Picea side tables, with their sculptural ceramic design, enrich Molteni&C's outdoor lounge selection. These elegant decorative elements bring style and sophistication to any space.

Fairmount Molteni

For outdoor dining, Vincent Van Duysen introduces the new Fairmount table collection and Cobea chairs.

The Fairmount table, available with round and rectangular tops and in a low lounge version, is crafted from fine solid teak, providing comfort, style, and functionality for every convivial occasion.

Cobea Molteni

Complementing the Fairmount table, the Cobea chair is made of solid teak wood and is available with or without armrests. It features a refined woven back and seat that can be customized with fabrics from the outdoor collection.

Cobea Fairmount Molteni

In addition to new designs, the new outdoor proposals include new elements and finishes for existing products. The introduction of a new 120-cm center module for the Palinfrasca sofa expands the collection's configuration possibilities. The Guell sun lounger, previously available in teak with rope weaves, will also be reintroduced in Batyline.

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Palinfrasca Molteni
Molteni&C Palinfrasca Love Seat
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Molteni&C Hyde Pouf Outdoor
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Molteni&C Panna Cotta
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