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The timeless classics within the Heritage and Gio Ponti collections by Molteni&C

Within the walls of a home furnished with Molteni&C's Heritage and Gio Ponti collections, sophisticated aesthetics, exquisite craftsmanship, and the magic of a meticulously curated designer project come together, emerging as the true protagonists of this space. A journey in the making, reimagining the most significant pieces conceived by the visionary minds of 20th-century design. The purpose is clear: to breathe new life into contemporary interiors, where each element integrates effortlessly, enriching the fabric of modern living spaces. Perfect for those with a refined cultural taste and a penchant for timeless elegance in their spaces, these collections embody the very roots of contemporary design.

The Gio Ponti collection pays homage to the illustrious artist who left an indelible mark on post-war Italian architecture, unveiling his immortal genius. In the broader context of the Heritage collection, the creative prowess of renowned designers such as Ignazio Gardella, Afra and Tobia Scarpa joins Gio Ponti's talent. An extraordinary exploration of Molteni&C's timeless classics, celebrating the legacy left by legendary design figures and their fascinating contributions to the history of design.

Molteni&C Round D.154.5
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Iconic and evocative, Gio Ponti's Round D.154.5 armchair stands as a manifesto project, encapsulating the essence of the designer's prolific output in the latter half of the 20th century. Driven by a fervent desire to explore new forms, innovative materials, and production techniques, as well as to etch his indelible mark on the history of furniture, Ponti conceived this collection of armchairs. Even today, they remain a timeless representation of modernity. Sleek and essential, without armrests and visually light, the seat achieves comfort through the upholstered cushion and back featuring rounded shapes and generous proportions.

Designed by Ignazio Gardella in 1930, Blevio is an avant-garde table: the designer embraced a process of subtraction, eliminating all embellishments and bestowing upon this table, originally intended for his private residence, a new form of beauty rooted in essential simplicity. Showcasing great modernity, the design unfolds through an elongated top supported by two vertical elements with a hollow cylidrical section—an absolute novelty for its time. With its sculptural aesthetic brimming with character, nearly a century later, Blevio maintains its innovative beauty, standing the test of time with unwavering grace.

Molteni&C Blevio
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D.847.1 Desk
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Blurring the lines between a console table and a writing desk, D.847.1 embodies the essence of Gio Ponti's extraordinary contemporary design, seamlessly incorporating all the features we expect from modern furniture. Meticulous aesthetics permeate every detail, from the expertly crafted solid wood to the distinctive flared lines that define the designer's signature style. The lines elegantly curve at the front of the central drawer, enhancing both form and function. With balanced proportions and a compact footprint, this practical and prestigious desk is perfect for a corner in your office or even as a stylish addition to your living room.

In 1986, Afra and Tobia Scarpa crafted the Miss seating collection for Molteni&C, embracing a sleek aesthetic characterized by rounded shapes and a thoughtful interplay of materials. An intriguing design choice unfolds as the front legs seamlessly extend to form the backrest, which, in turn, rests upon the rear legs. This geometric configuration creates a captivating sense of continuity that envelops the body with grace. The seat is available in both woven and upholstered versions, providing the flexibility to transform its appearance and effortlessly adapt to various interior styles.

Molteni&C MHC.3 Miss Sedia
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"Like a large butterfly perched on a hill": Gio Ponti's words capture the essence of his design for the Caracas villa owned by collectors Anala and Armando Planchart, a project undertaken between 1953 and 1957. It was within the prestigious walls of this residence that Ponti conceived the D.154.2 armchair, a piece echoing the dynamic lightness reminiscent of a butterfly's flight. This chair forms a cocoon, its shell embracing the body with sinuous and delicate movements, offering both enveloping and supportive comfort. The central cushion, simple yet plush, adds the finishing touch, making it a complete and inviting seat.

The story of the MHC.1 chest of drawers is particularly noteworthy: it was the first modern piece of furniture commissioned by Molteni&C and designed by Werner Blaser. In 1955, it won first prize in an international competition in Cantù, aimed at revitalizing the image of Italian manufacturing. The jury included Gio Ponti, Alvar Aalto (Blaser's mentor), and Finn Juhl. Despite its success, the chest of drawers remained in the wings until the present day when it finally entered production. A distinctive feature of its structure is the triple fork joint, serving both functional and decorative purposes.

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