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Molteni&C's night area: the endless potential of walk-in wardrobes and the opulent elegance of beds

The sleeping area's design epitomizes Molteni&C's commitment to elegance and luxury, showcasing their unwavering dedication to crafting a personal sanctuary where comfort seamlessly intertwines with style. Within this haven of tranquility, Rodolfo Dordoni's exquisite beds, Vincent Van Duysen's walk-in wardrobes, and Matteo Nunziati's innovative storage islands come together in perfect harmony, creating a masterfully orchestrated ensemble.

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The undisputed centerpiece of the sleeping area is none other than the bed itself, effortlessly blending elegance and comfort. Molteni&C has left a lasting impact in the history of interior design with its iconic Fulham bed—an artful masterpiece that wraps you in timeless charm, serving as the quintessential embodiment of the Made in Italy style. But Molteni&C's saga marches on with Ovidio—the latest bed to emerge from the visionary mind of creative director Van Duysen.

Molteni&C Mateo
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An integral component in designing the perfect sleeping area, the wardrobe symbolizes both organization and style. The Gliss Master series, now enriched by the addition of the Blend version, stands out with its superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship. With precious woods like walnut and oak for the frames, coupled with artisanal finishes and sophisticated handles, this wardrobe exudes opulence from every angle.

At the prestigious Salone del Mobile 2023, the acclaimed designer Rodolfo Dordoni unveiled Beauté, an exquisite vanity that seamlessly complements the Blend configuration. The interiors are thoughtfully designed to maximize both space and organization, featuring adjustable shelves, luxuriously lined drawers, and accessory compartments—a testament to the unwavering pursuit of both functionality and visual perfection.

Molteni&C Casper
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Completing the bedroom's design, nightstands and chests of drawers offer essential storage for personal belongings. Molteni&C's catalogue includes classic and timeless collections, like the 5050 and Casper series, where each piece seamlessly combines clean, elegant lines with a traditional allure, all emphasized by the rich essence of wood. The natural warmth of wood harmoniously intertwines with the vast array of lacquered shades in Molteni&C's palette—a vibrant spectrum that brings a radiant touch to the bedroom.

Matteo Nunziati introduces Baltimora, a visionary concept in bedroom storage. Designed to assume a central role within the room, Baltimora creates an uninterrupted dialogue with the surrounding elements of the sleeping area. This island seamlessly integrates practical features such as drawers and shelves, while offering a plush seating experience complemented by soft cushions—an embodiment of both functionality and comfort.

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Molteni&C Yoell
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Molteni&C Hector Night
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The walk-in closet creates an exclusive and thoughtfully planned area—an ideal space for indulging in domestic luxury. Molteni&C emerges as an undisputed master in crafting elegant yet functional walk-in closets.

A creation by the visionary Vincent Van Duysen, Hector Night takes the spotlight in the bedroom—a meticulously crafted masterpiece featuring thoughtfully designed lighting, large mirrors, and impeccable finishes that define the essence of this walk-in closet. Its purpose extends beyond mere storage, aspiring to create a space that not only tidily houses clothing but also reflects a lifestyle characterized by refinement and sophistication.

Molteni&C Hector
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