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Molteni&C's Walk-In Closets: Exquisite Stylistic Exploration

In the bedroom area, ensuring complete well-being and comfortable living along with functional and practical space organization is of the utmost importance. Molteni&C's walk-in closets successfully fulfill these criteria, incorporating advanced technological components and visually appealing structures.

New innovative finishes, state-of-the-art opening systems, and increasingly customizable configurations are the key elements of the brand's proposals.

Designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C, the flexible Hector Night modular wooden walk-in closet is perfect to create modular compositions that cater to your unique needs, offering endless functions and including practical accessories like a swivel mirror and shoe rack.

Created as an evolution of the Hector bookcase, this walk-in closet is purposefully crafted for the bedroom area and can be seamlessly installed on either the wall or ceiling. The uprights, also serving as distinctive elements, assume a prominent role in the overall structure. With its metal finish in pewter and bronze, the closet harmoniously blends with the dark and light chestnut finishes of the drawer units, and with the screen-printed smoked glass top. Furthermore, each shelf can be customized to personal preferences, using either glass, melamine, or ecoskin panels.

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Designed as a freestanding centerpiece, the Baltimora island is a versatile addition to any room. It serves as a functional piece for a walk-in closet or alongside existing furniture, while also providing a comfortable seating option with its soft cushions. The island features a sleek structure consisting of a transparent glass shelf supported by a frame in pewter, bronze and iris. Additionally, it incorporates a spacious and practical linear storage unit with drawers, ideal for efficiently organizing clothes.

Molteni&C Cleo
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Molteni&C Cleo
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The Gliss Master walk-in closet by Molteni&C is a remarkable fusion of beauty and functionality, making it a beloved centerpiece in their furniture collection. It offers versatile solutions for both linear and corner configurations. The closet's design is enriched with a new interior finish that softens the metallic rigour of pewter and bronze, embodying a feminine concept and exuding a warm feeling. The collection of accessories includes soft faux leather containers in various sizes, traditional trouser or skirt holders, and shirt and undergarment bags. Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, the Gliss Master walk-in closet is an ever-evolving piece of furniture that continuously adapts to new living and design requirements.

The closet now boasts four new interior finishes: dark chestnut, light chestnut, ivory Tatami, and grey Tatami, each contributing to its charm and elegance.

Molteni&C. Gliss Master

Arredo compatto e free-standing, l'isola centrale Gliss Master Island di Molteni&C si distingue per un ampio spazio di archiviazione e per nuove attrezzature interne. Può essere disposta in posizione centrale nella stanza e diventare un oggetto complementare ad arredi già esistenti. Ogni parte è caratterizzata da una specifica funzione: i vassoi portaoggetti, i ripiani porta scarpe, portacravatte e portagioielli in "eco skin" rubino e grigio sono solo alcuni esempi.

The Dwell sliding doors and partitions are designed to effortlessly enclose the compartments within the Gliss Walk-in closets. The trasparent glass defines the space of the bedroom area, serving as a design element and drawing attention to typically overlooked corners. This versatile system can be insalled on the ceiling, wall, or recessed with a false ceiling. It is designed to be lightweight and minimalist, seamlessly integrating with the finishes of the modular system, thus maintaining a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.

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