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Moooi Gravity. When lights enwrap the scene.

The Gravitiy Chandelier is an authentic luminous sculpture that lights up the scene with invaluable class. The sophisticated piece conceived by Moooi represents a contemporary design icon, a slender frame that runs across the spaces and lets the light flow deep. A seductive aesthetic appeal gives rise to enfolding curves and fills the atmosphere with elastic ease.
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The scenic arms of the Gravity Chandelier evoke precise lines of ink and form the beating core of the chandelier. Its deep and delicate light traces gentle and dreamy atmospheres, perfect for enriching classic and contemporary contexts.
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The elegant lampshade features a structure in pressed glass with light unit in powder coated steel, ultra-thin suspension wire and braided flat cable. The suspended elements give rise to refined alternations of lights and transparencies, capturing the scene with endless class and refinement.
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