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Never Stop Dreaming: the Lago collection at Salone del Mobile 2024 explores new dimensions of living

The latest Lago collection showcased at Salone del Mobile 2024 beckons you to discover how design brings value and beauty into living spaces. A concept characterized by clean, essential lines and meticulous attention to detail that ignites curiosity and imagination, fueling a vision of a home that is uniquely ours.

The collaboration with renowned designers like Monica Armani, Pearson Lloyd, and Alberto Lievore has given rise to new interpretations of living, presenting furnishings that inhabit spaces while reflecting a multitude of perspectives.

Never Stop Dreaming Collection 2024 Lago
Monica Armani Designer
Venezia Collection Lago

Monica Armani creates the Venezia collection for Lag, drawing inspiration from the ancient history of the Serenissima, a historic melting pot of cutlures. Building on this vision, the designer presents a comprehensive range of living and dining furniture, imbued with an international essence and crafted to bring a timeless charm to spaces around the globe.

Altana Alberoni Lago
Lago Altana
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The Altana series features a sofa and armchair characterized by clean, essential silhouettes, inspired by the altane—terraces found on Venetian rooftops. The comfort and intimacy of gathering and relaxing in such spaces are mirrored in the sofa's modular design, offering generous upholstery and lending itself to the creation of unique combinations that cater to both personal relaxation and moments of togetherness.

Altana Sofa Collection
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Lago Altana
Altana Armchair
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Lago Altana Detail
Altana Correr Lago

The Altana armchair mirrors the sofa's harmonious proportions through a design that features a frame resembling a wooden sculpture. This unique detail not only elevates the overal aesthetics but also provides an exceptional level of comfort.

Biza Alberoni Lago
Lago Biza
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Lago Biza
LagoBiza Shop online

The Biza series, featuring a sofa and armchair, boasts generous, rounded shapes that draw inspiration from Byzantine architecture and the iconic domes of St. Mark's in Venice. The design's distinguishing feature is the striking contrast between the plush proportions of the seating and cushions and its sleek, tapered base. With its modular nature, the series offers both linear and curved configurations, unlocking limitless styling possibilities.

Biza Sofa Lago
Biza Detail Lago
Correr Aqualta Lago
Lago Aqualta
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Lago Correr
LagoCorrer Shop online

Drawing inspiration from the colonnades encircling St. Mark's Square, the Correr table is a masterpiece of harmonious architecture, combining rounded and rectangular forms in a wooden design adorned with distinctive details. The collection's signature feature is the legs' oval profile, which, in the table's slim version, converges with an ultra-thin top. This creates a fascinating interplay between materials, embodying an elegant dialogue.

Correr Slim Colombina Lago
Correr Slim Lago
Colombina Lago

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Venetian mask, the Colombina collection features backrests with a distinctive elliptical shape. This collection encompasses a variety of seating options, including armchairs, easy chairs, and stools, all sharing organic shapes and meticulous details. Each piece offers the choice between metal or finewood legs.

Colombina Collection Lago
Colombina Detail Lago
Colombina Alberoni Lago

The Alberoni table's design offers a fresh take on the classic round table with a central base. The cylindrical support features a captivating low-relief pattern formed by a horizontal line, echoing the Venetian beach piers that inspired the collection's name, and vertical lines that recall the alternating huts along the Venice Lido waterfront, adding depth and texture to the design.

Alberoni Lago
Alberoni Colombina Lago
Lago Colombina
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LAGO's diverse palette and selection of materials for countertops—including marble, wood, ceramics, and lacquered glass—unleash a vast array of configuration possibilities.

Aqualta Chair
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Lago Aqualta

With its archetypal form, the Aqualta Chair evokes the elevated walkways used to move around the Venetian calli during high tides, offering a harmonious blend of essential lines and refined details. Crafted from a single material, this chair is upholstered to offer supreme comfort.

Lago Aqualta Chair
Person Lloyd
Londy Sofa Lago

The design duo Pearson Lloyd introduces the Londy sofa for Lago, featuring an organic silhouette that mirrors the landscapes of Londy Island, situated off the coast of Devon, England, from which it takes its name.

Lago Londy

Each module showcases a unique seat profile and size, mirroring the essence of diverse natural landscapes.

Londy Pouf Lago
Londy Lago
Ami Collection Lago

The Ami collection, designed by Alberto Lievore for Lago, is a versatile family of chairs that plays with different forms and proportions, adapting to a variety of spaces, from residential to commercial. With options from slender profiles to more embracing shells, the collection provides seats that are both welcoming and elegant.

Alberto Lievore
Ami Lago
Lago Ami Detail
Ami Chair Lago
N.O.W. Kitchen
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The N.O.W. kitchen, designed by Daniele Lago, completes the range of new products presented at the 62nd Salone del Mobile and Eurocucina biennial exhibition. This design integrates the iconic storage system originally conceived for the wardrobe collection.

Lago Now
N.O.W Lago
N.O.W Daniele Lago

The N.O.W. kitchen, short for "Not Only White", boasts a design highlighted by glass bands that offer endless color moods. Combined with chic details like handle-free fronts, seamless finishes on the sides, the elegant transparency of bronze smoked glass cabinets, and integrated lighting, it provides an architectural solution that perfectly balances display and storage spaces.

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