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Reflection: Atelier Areti's new collection

Exuding an eclectic and free essence, the new Reflection collection of lamps by Atelier Areti stands in striking contrast to its preceding counterpart, Elements, known for its strict and rigid design. Each piece is enhanced by brass and silver, with various degrees of reflectivity and occasionally complemented by captivating hues. From the harmonious geometries of Fan to the playful charm of Bow and the captivating symmetry of Salzburg, every element is thoughtfully designed to imbue the space with character, elevating its allure and creating an enchanting ambience.

Atelier Areti Profile Variation Table Lamp
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Atelier Areti Fan Wall Lamp
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Atelier Areti Cylinder Wall Lamp
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With its bold and well-defined lines, the new Fan suspension lamp mirrors the graceful shape of a hand-fan, enchanting with its sculptural aesthetic. Crafted from brushed brass and white glass, this lamp exudes an air of elegance and charm. Its clever design allows it to transform its appereance from every angle, illuminating any interior with a vibrant glow and creating a captivating atmosphere.

Atelier Areti Spiral Table Lamp
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Atelier Areti Hyazinte Wall Lamp
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Meticulously crafted to accentuate geometries and graceful curves, the Salzburg wall lamps transcend mere functionality, resembling exquisite decorative objects. Drawing inspiration from the captivating architectural features of the Austrian city of Salzburg, these lacquered metal lamps can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, adapting to diverse settings. The design features two sinuous elements thoughtfully adorned with delicate opal glass LED bulbs, resulting in a gentle and romantic illumination.

Designed by Alberto Gaiotto for Atelier Areti, the Spiral table lamp showcases a mesmerizing geometric design that evokes an ascending vortex. The base, made of brushed brass, gracefully supports a white glass diffuser placed on top of the spiral, while at the opposite end, marble, available in a variety of colours, adds a touch of elegance. This functional yet playful lamp is a delightful addition to any space, serving as a bedside light or an artful desk lamp.

Six Tubes
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The Six Tubes ceiling lamp combines innovative design and exceptional functionality. Six slender metal tubes elegantly support a series of small, spherical diffusers with mesmerizing LED lights, thoughtfully arranged along the surface. This clever configuration envelops your space in a soft glow, lending a whimsical and captivating aura to the surroundings. The design ingeniously explores the beauty of verticality while expertly maintaining a perfect balance of proportions, resulting in a distinctive and truly sophisticated masterpiece.

Available in black, white, or in a variety of colours, the Bow suspension lamp embodies the vision and creative approach of Atelier Areti's designers, perfectly reflecting the essence of the Reflection collection, set to debut in autumn 2023. The lamp's design centers around an exquisite base, securely anchored to the ceiling, on which five spherical white glass diffusers are fixed at varying heights. This arrangement ensures a delightful diffusion of light that infuses any space with distinctive charm and personality.

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