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The timeless beauty of Noguchi's sculptures, from the Freeform Sofa to the Coffee tables and Akari lamps

Isamu Noguchi, a poet of form, navigates the realms of art, design, sculpture, set design, and architecture with unparalleled grace. An American with Japanese heritage—his father being the esteemed Japanese poet Yone Noguchi—Isamu has embraced a unique eclectic approach that seamlessly blends Western and Eastern cultural aesthetics. His work is renowned for its sculptural beauty and the use of organic, airy forms, which have given rise to iconic design classics now featured in the Vitra collection, such as the Freeform sofa, the Noguchi Coffee Tables, and Akari lamps.

Freeform Sofa&Ottoman
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With their plastic, flattened shapes and curved, irregular profiles, the Freeform sofa and ottoman are reminiscent of river pebbles polished by flowing water. They evoke a sense of lightness and fluidity, an homage to the organic world, further emphasized by their upholstery in natural hues.

Freeform Ottoman
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Freeform Vitra
Coffee Table
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The Noguchi Coffee Tables feature a clear glass top that reveals a biomorphic base, consisting of three interlocking wooden elements available in black ash, maple, or walnut. These sculptural components are designed to fit together precisely, ensuring stable support for the glass top.

Vitra Noguchi
Noguchi Vitra
Vitra Akari E
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Vitra Akari 23A
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Vitra Akari UF3-Q
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Akari 25N
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With his Akari series, Noguchi reimagines the traditional Oriental lantern, infusing it with a Western aesthetic sensibility. He created over 100 designs, including table, floor, and pendant lamps. These sculptural lights, whether curvilinear or geometric, embody a perfect blend of form and lightness. "Akari," a Japanese word, conveys the dual meanings of "light" and "lightness," which are the defining features of these handmade luminous objects crafted from washi paper at the Ozeki workshop in Gifu, Japan.

Vitra Coffee Table
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Vitra Tabouret
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Vitra Akari 14A
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Vitra Akari 10A
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Akari Vitra
Akari YA2
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The stylized sun and crescent moon logo affixed to each lamp, visualizing the corresponding Japanese ideograph, serves as a testament to the authenticity of Isamu Noguchi’s Akari Light Sculptures. This series most vividly captures the fusion of two cultural worlds, showcasing Noguchi's unique and visionary style.

Akari 120 A
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