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Nooch by Lissoni: the elegance and flexibility of ecodesign

Nooch combines a variety of small elements, creating a family of endless and dynamic solutions. Nooch is imbued with Asian charm, evoking tropical gardens and bamboo labyrinths. Bamboo is the source of inspiration for the modular system designed by Piero Lissoni for B&B Italia, an elegant labyrinth of aluminium tubular sections.

Characterized by great flexibility, this elegant and sustainable outdoor system is shaped to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles, following rhythms, moments, occasions and requirements.

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After the global success of the Borea collection, Piero Lissoni continues his prolific collaboration with B&B Italia, deepening the search for sustainable techniques and materials in the outdoor universe. Nooch is named after Nong Nooch, a tropical botanical garden filled with bamboo canes located in Thailand.

Nooch's main distinctive feature is its tubular framework inspired by bamboo and made of recycled aluminium, a sturdy yet lightweight reusable material. Bringing together aesthetic appeal and cutting-edge technology, the tubular framework and its intersections are a simple and distinctive element of the collection with their elbow-curved metal.

Nooch offers endless configuration solutions starting with two basic modules, a square one and a rectangular one, that can be equipped with backrests and armrests. Free-standing or fixed firmly together using special interlocking joints, they create versatile configurations. The cushions are placed on slatted aluminum tops and the upholstery is designed with sustainability in mind.

Serpentine stone or teak wood tops with a square, rectangular or trapezoidal shape can be inserted between the modules creating an interesting irregular slatted design. This solution represent the major element in the creation of the most dynamic and curved compositions.

Completing the modular system, two distinct elements can be inserted between the cushions: a small round wooden top that functions as an additional side table, and a special cushion that serves as an armrest or backrest making it possible to create inverted, double-sided seating.

The Nooch collection also includes a low table with a square or rectangular base and a serpentine stone or enamelled lava stone tabletop available in sage, clay and ocean blue tones. Tubular elements with a semi-gloss finish outline the perimeter of the stone top.

Ideal for warm weather, the functionality and elegance of Nooch also integrate perfectly in a winter garden or in an informal indoor setting. Perfect for relaxation and conviviality, it can be used for an intimate aperitif or as a lounge corner during a crowded party.

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