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Night scene

Reflections, projections, diffusions. Light is capable of this and much more. But it appears as if lighting systems have more potential in the black of the night. Then again, that is what they were created for in the first place.

Outdoor lamps, which dwell in that darkness, in turn are capable of creating landscapes of light, fascinating dynamism and chiaroscuro effects, and thus equally evocative atmospheres that accompany our outdoor evenings, making them special.

Copertina Camouflage
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It stands out in the dark like a glowing sphere. It is Camouflage, by Piero Lissoni for Flos. A wall installation with an LED light source, an aluminum structure with a transparent polycarbonate diffuser, and Crema D'Orcia and Basaltina stone finishes. The treatments to which the materials are subjected make them suitable for outdoor use, resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. It is at night that Camouflage brings out its best, playing with light and its projections.

Camouflage Flos
Ic Flos

The series of diffused lights for outdoor use by Flos continues. This time it's the IC Lights Floor's turn, a floor lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades that resembles the moon. Structure in painted brushed stainless steel or brushed brass to be combined with the different colors and finishes of the marble base: from black or gray lava, to travertino imperiale, and occhio di pernice.

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Perfect for creating beautiful atmospheres in the gardens or courtyards of ancient villas. Once again for Flos, Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi designed Ipnos, with its hollow structure that fills up its surrounding space with light that spreads out to illuminate sophisticated events and the finest dinners. Satinized and anodized aluminum frame available in different finishes - black, bronze, and natural - with LEDs incorporated on the top edges.

Ipnos Flos
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O Artemide

O is a lamp that is as meaningful when it is off as when it is on. In the first case it frames nature, in the second it makes it shine and enhances it. Elemental designed it for Artemide: a circle that perfectly fits in with the outdoor environment, "an unobtrusive object in space that does not alter environmental balances". It provides a calm and adjustable light emission that prevents waste and respects the circadian cycles of the animal and plant species surrounding it.

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It is amazing how "simple" light rods can create striking suggestions of rare beauty. The seven rods of Reeds are monochromatic LED sources with different heights, recalling the reeds, as suggested by the name, especially when their light is reflected on a body of water. The base is irregularly shaped to allow the interlocking and combination of multiple fixtures, thus multiplying the beams and their striking effects. Design by Klaus Begasse for Artemide.

Reeds Artemide
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Montur Delta Light

Montur Mini is a ceiling lamp/wall lamp by Delta Light. Similar to a lantern, it can provide a welcoming, cozy atmosphere in any outdoor space thanks to its warm light. It stands out in the darkness, imitating it with its black profiles. Immersed within the green of porches or terraces, it enhances the color of the surrounding nature even at night.

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"Concrete" like the concrete finish chosen by designer Marionanni for Viabizzuno. Concrete is a light fitting and bollard for outdoor use, available in several sizes, one of which includes a slot with a bicycle carrier function. The light can come from the top or the bottom - in the uplighter or downlighter version - to illuminate cobbled streets, driveways, and the entrances to villas and gardens.

Concrete Viabizzuno
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Belladinotte Davidegroppi

Beautiful during the day, but exceptional at night, and that is where the magic all begins. Perhaps that is why Maurizio Mancini, for Davide Groppi, called it Belladinotte. It is in the dark, in fact, that a game of reflection and disguise takes place: the attempt is to conceal and camouflage the body that creates light, to reveal only the light along with the illuminated landscape. From the artificial body of the mirror comes the unexpected yet extremely spontaneous ability to fit in with nature.

Up Glass Kreon

The return of glass, of its refinement, elegance and modernity. But also of its craftsmanship and shaping, extremely important for Kreon. Its Up Glass for outdoor use brings together all of this, with its LED light elegantly distributed first inside the sculpted glass, then on its outside. Available in different shapes and styles, their combination "creates a bridge between art and design, between functionality and emotion".

Up Glass Kreon

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