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The elegance of black

The color black specifically contrasts with the sunlight from which it protects us. It is precisely the use of this color that enhances the elegance and class of outdoor environments.

Essential language, original geometries, functional accessories. Whatever form they are designed in, black parasols retain their ability to furnish any outdoor environment with sophistication: city gardens, terraces, pool houses, luxury restaurants, hotels, and lounge bars. In addition to the lines and colors, there is another fundamental element that the most important outdoor brands respect, just like a mantra: the high quality of frames and fabrics and their finishes, in order for them to be resistant to sunlight and weather conditions.

Gandiablasco Ensombra

In addition to being highly original, the design of Ensombra - Odosdesign for GandiaBlasco - evokes many things: the slats of an opening fan, the cut leaves of a tropical plant, but above all the rays of sunshine radiating from its center. The design is linear, simple, and clean: a galvanized steel base, a thermo-lacquered stainless steel rod, and phenolic panel slats that can be opened and closed as desired. The light and shadow effects it can create, however, are many and fascinating.

Gandiablasco Ensombra
Gloster Halo
Gloster Halo

Henrik Pedersen creates a series of parasols perfectly consistent with his design philosophy: elegance and formal clarity. Gloster - producer of the Halo collection and, in this case, of the hexagonal push-up version - contributes with its careful attention to the choice of materials and their finishes: water-repellent, stain-resistant acrylic fabrics dyed in Sunbrella solution, which guarantees solid, uniform colors; an aluminum frame, particularly resistant to corrosion, scratches and impacts, thanks to pre-treatment and subsequent electrostatically applied powder coating.


The rounded corners give this design a playful appearance. But the Infina UX collection by Umbrosa, designed by Dirk Wynants, also features functionality and elegance. The former thanks to the movable base and optional wood-covered coffee table. The latter because of the black color which, once again, makes it suitable to furnish any outdoor space: from terraces in the middle of the city, to poolside porches, as well as sophisticated bars and restaurants. Endless possibilities, as the name of the collection suggests.

Umbrosa Infina
Umbrosa Versa
Umbrosa - Versa

The "Full Black" version, says the designer and producer Umbrosa, "is much more than a black parasol." In fact, it brings out all the class and sophistication of the Versa UX collection of which it is part of. The square elements help it fit perfectly into the most modern environments, with an invitation to return to the essential: "a very clear language with as few different elements and materials as possible, just pure materials."

Talenti Marte

Three square meters of minimal and essential elegance. Marte by Talenti, with its generous size, spares no shade and guarantees rest and relaxation even in the hottest hours. Nor does it spare itself in comfort, for the mobile base with wheels allows it to be easily moved to where it is most convenient. The lighting option (and audio system with Bluetooth connection), combined with the dark coloring, completes the "extra-terrestrial" effect it is capable of eliciting.

Talenti Marte

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