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Platner Collection, un classico Knoll

1966: Warren Platner meets Knoll, and from their union comes one of the timeless classics of design: the Platner collection, with tables, coffee tables, and different types of seating that give Platner international fame.

Platner collaborates with Knoll in the designs but also in the planning of the production techniques, for example, going so far as to define, in the most complex pieces, the number of welds on the cylindrical steel bars. The furniture of the entire collection represents an icon of modernity. More precisely, the "attempt to infuse modernism with the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful kind of design that appeared in period style like Louis XV."

KNOLLPlatner Table

First and foremost, the Platner collection includes one of the most iconic dining table series in the history of design: the Platner Dining Table becomes the centerpiece of the dining room, the focal point where the eyes direct their gaze. The base is made by welding curved steel rods to the circular frame, showing Knoll's craftsmanship and technique in both the design and production process. The tabletop comes in different sizes and finishes, from glass to marble - from Carrara to Marquinia to Verde Alpi. The diameter grows as much as the number of people it can accommodate: 54" (or 140 cm) for 6 people, 60" for 8 people, 70" for 9 people. As a whole, it represents the perfect marriage between structure and ornamentation.

Table Platner Knoll
KNOLLPlatner Coffee Table
Platner Coffee Taable Knoll

The same goes for the Platner Coffee Table - available in two different diameter sizes, 36" and 42" - and the Platner Side Table, the series of coffee and side tables that can furnish the living area with elegance, originality and class. As with the dining tables, the steel frame is available in three different finishes: polished nickel, metallic bronze, and gold. To be combined, again, with the glass and marble tabletops, for the most personal and surprising effects.

KNOLLPlatner Armchair

For every table, there is a chair. And there are several in the Platner collection, starting with the Platner Arm Chair, perfect for completing the interior design of any dining room. The basic concept remains the same, while the seat cushion and the details of the upholstered back add a new flavor. This is thanks to the fine upholstery in fabric, leather or velvet, and a very rich range of colors, from the most neutral and classic to the most original and bright.

Platner Coffee Taable Knoll
KNOLLPlatner Easy Chair
KNOLLPlatner Lounge

The same richness of the hues and textures are also found in the Platner Lounge Chair and the Platner Easy Chair, where fabrics and upholstery become the central features: from the seat cushion to the upholstery that fully covers the backrest. Their comfort, elegance and contemporary feel make them the ideal seating solutions to furnish the lounge area of living rooms and offices.

KNOLLPlatner Footrest

Warren Platner has also thought of this: the footrest. Platner Ottoman changes its dimensions to fulfill its function, but carries on the collection by maintaining the same structure and shell characteristics: vertically and horizontally shaped metal rods, treated with nickel plating and coated with clear protective varnish, as well as a molded fiberglass shell with a molded latex foam cushion. This piece brings once again elegance and comfort, especially when combined with the Platner Easy Chair.

Platner Footrest Knoll
KNOLLPlatner Stool
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Knoll Platner Stool

Finally, as the beauty of great design can be recognized even in the smallest detail, the collection is completed with the Platner Stool. Thanks to its ergonomic structure, it successfully brings comfort as well as adding an extra touch of class to the living area of any home or contract space.

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