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Plusminus by Vibia, the new forms of light

Simple yet extremely efficient, the Plusminus system by Vibia opens the door to a new era of lighting design: light becomes a creative tool, perfect for shaping the atmosphere with spectacular luminous installations that outline the spatial dynamics of an interior, providing striking lighting effects and special atmospheres.

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This cutting-edge lighting collection offers an unprecedented level of interaction between light and architecture. The innovative system designed by Stefan Diez turns invisible electric currents into linear and material geometric patterns: ribbons that can be tied to lamps which glow instantly, forming constellations that mold the atmosphere, barriers of light between floor and ceiling, luminous spheres that cross the room from one wall to another thanks to the soft contours of the ribbons.

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Minimal design and versatile soul: the elements float freely in space to create customized and original solutions, fluid and light compositions that connect the light spots to the three-dimensional space. A revolutionary concept with a strong aesthetic value that introduces a new lighting era: the ribbon acts as a support and conducts electricity to the spherical, hemispherical, conical, spotlight and linear lighting elements.

The length of the ribbon can be tailored to suit specific needs, adjusted with different levels of tension and set to conduct electricity to the desired position, even from a single electrical connection point. The system of buckles fixed on each lamp makes it possible to place the light spots on the straps where appropriate, connecting the various fixtures in multiple positions and thus defining the whole atmosphere of the space.

The surprising flexibility of the Plusminus system suits any type of interior architecture, providing solutions to lighting problems and generating suggestive atmospheres that operate dynamically on various levels of depth: in fact, the system makes it possible to match different types of suspension elements, wall lights, track lighting and partitions.

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