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Poliform's aesthetic exploration for the 2024 collection

During Milan Design Week, Poliform proudly presents its 2024 collection, characterized by gentle, organic shapes designed with comfort in mind, yet without compromising on elegance and originality.

The crown jewel of this new collection is the Ernest modular sofa, conceived by Jean-Marie Massaud. The matching coffee tables share the same curvaceous forms, creating an original ensemble of deconstructed shapes and natural tones. Emmanuel Gallina introduces a fresh vision of living spaces through the elegance and fluidity of his new designs.

Poliform Stand Salone del Mobile 2024

Placing a strong emphasis on modularity, Jean-Marie Massaud redefines the essence of comfort with the Ernest sofa. The design features plush, deconstructed shapes that evoke the luxurious sensation of a down pillow, delivering unparalleled comfort. The sofa's removable cover is available in a variety of colors and textures — from a soothing olive green to a rich, deep black, sumptuous cream velvet and delicate pearl gray, also embracing the sophisticated aesthetics of leather.

Ernest Detail Poliform
Ernest Collection Poliform

Ernest can be customized in various sizes and configurations, including bith straight and L-shaped layouts, ensuring a strong visual impact. Complementing the different styles are the black elm coffee tables which not only match flawlessly but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality. This combination of design versatility and high-quality materials makes the Ernest sofa a focal point in any modern living environment, seamlessly blending style with practicality.

Ernest Poliform Stand Salone del Mobile 2024

Complementing the sofa, the Ernest coffee tables are ingeniously crafted to function like a puzzle: they can be artfully grouped at the center of the living room to create dynamic configurations or positioned individually beside the sofa for a more subtle touch. The coffee tables come in a variety of finishes that enrich the ambiance of any room.

Ernest Coffee Table Wood Poliform
Ernest Coffee Table Marble Poliform
Poliform Ernest Coffee Table

The selection includes black elm, which brings a natural and sophisticated flair; polished Iranian travertine marble, offering a touch of luxury; and the original glossy lacquered garnet red, adding a vivid pop of color amidst the collection's natural tones. The variety of materials and finishes makes it possible to customize the space to meet both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, all while preserving a visual and stylistic harmony with the Ernest sofa.

Poliform Ernest Collection
Poliform Orbis Collection Stand Salone del Mobile 2024

Emmanuel Gallina explore the fluidity of forms with the Orbis sofa collection, redefining living spaces with its blend of elegance, modernity, and comfort. Combining contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, the collection showcases sinuous and organic silhouettes. This series, consisting of two sofas and an armchair, features enveloping backs designed to offer supreme comfort. The elegance of the materials—velvet, leather, and fabric—alongside a palette of natural shades like rope, taupe, cream, charcoal, camel, and mud, enhances the collection's refined allure. A standout feature is the slender legs which gracefully elevate the seats off the floor. Available in both polished and matte metal finishes, they are inspired by fine jewelry.

Poliform Orbis
Orbis Collection Poliform

Poliform transforms upholstery into a canvas of aesthetic potential, offering both visual and tactile delights. The 2024 New Indoor Fabrics collection draws inspiration from the world of fashion, where aesthetics, colors, and textures play a pivotal role in Poliform's contemporary lifestyle concept.

Poliform Orbis Strata

Emmanuel Gallina presents the indoor version of the Strata coffee table, now available with black elm legs and tops in either glass or marble, tailored in various sizes and heights. Its round surfaces and flowing lines harmoniously integrate with spaces adorned with the Orbis sofas. The travertine option elevates the Strata coffee table to a sophisticated and functional sculpture that enriches any living space.

Loai Poliform Stand Salone del Mobile 2024

Stefano Belingardi Clusoni introduces Loai, a refined low dining armchair with a compact design. This chair features a modern, inviting silhouette with an extra-large seat that achieves a perfect balance atop a solid wood frame showcasing a classic compass design. The finishes, available in either stained black elm or oak, enhance the overall design, lending it a warm and inviting appeal. The upholstery, with options in both fabric and leather, is removable, offering both versatility and unmatched aesthetic appeal. Loai stands as a testament to Belingardi Clusoni's expertise in crafting furniture that seamlessly blends functionality, comfort, and style without compromise.

Loai Poliform
Poliform Kaori Lounge
Kaori Lounge Poliform

The lounge version of the Kaori armchair, crafted by designer Jean-Marie Massaud, features generous volumes and a higher backrest. This version showcases an enveloping outer shell, offered in either chestnut or black leather, with upholstery options that include both leather and fabric, also available for the matching pouf. In addition, the armchair also comes in a swivel version.

Duke Poliform

The Duke sideboard collection stands out for its bold, commanding shapes, which are beautifully tempered by rounded profiles reminiscent of traditional cabinetmaking craftsmanship. The collection offers customization options through accessories like leather trays with metal accents, marble tops, or lacquered finishes.

Poliform Duke
Aiko Poliform

The new tall sideboard from the Aiko collection features a glass frame and an original drop-down door, making it an ideal choice for a stylish bar cabinet.

Poliform Aiko
Adrien Poliform Stand Salone del Mobile 2024

Jean-Marie Massaud's Adrien table stands out due to the asymmetrical design of its legs, presenting a striking contrast to its otherwise classic silhouette. This distinctive feature produces a unique visual effect, transforming the table into a focal point in dining room decor. It masterfully blends functionality with a strong aesthetic appeal.

Adrien Poliform
Poliform Adrien Round
Leopold Poliform
Leopold Collection Poliform

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Leopold dining armchair exudes elegance with its enveloping seat resting on top of an essential wooden frame.

Poliform Ipanema

Jean-Marie Massaud's Ipanema collection introduces a new version of its chair, featuring elegant, handcrafted leather upholstery that gracefully curves into the back. This update replaces the previous upholstery, lending the chair a more dynamic and sophisticated design.

Ipanema Poliform
Curve detail Poliform
Curve Poliform

Emmanuel Gallina introduces a new stool to the Curve collection, offered in two heights and showcasing exquisite wood craftsmanship.

Poliform Curve Detail
Brera Bed Poliform Detail

Jean-Marie Massaud's Brera night collection, which includes a bed and nightstands, brings a touch of architectural elegance to the bedroom, reflecting the stylistic essence of the living room collection sharing the same name.

Brera Bed Poliform
Brera Night Complements Poliform
Ketch Outdoor Poliform

A sophisticated outdoor lounger joins Jean Marie Massaud's nautically inspired Ketch collection. With a sturdy iroko wood frame paired with soft cushioning and a supportive headrest, this lounger emerges a standout piece within the collection.

Poliform Ketch
Trace Poliform
Poliform Trace

The Trace rug is crafted using a blend of wool and bamboo silk, employing jacquard weaving. Its unique design emerges from the alternation of basic bouclé loops with combed silk fleece.

Alea Pro Poliform

The Alea Pro kitchen system has been updated with new additions, including the innovative Day Shakeropen base and versatile worktops, elevating the island's functionality and dynamism.

Poliform Alea Pro
Artex pro Poliform
Artex Pro Poliform

The contemporary Artex Pro kitchen system now boasts new design features such as a sleek, tapered top that doubles as a snack bar, while fine fossil elm wood joins the material selection, perfect for creating exclusive spaces.

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