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Colors and Shapes: how Pop Art transforms the table into a masterpiece

Pop Art embodies an explosion of color, energy, and vitality. Its vibrant hues and iconic images have transcended the world of painting, extending their influence into the realm of tableware design. Renowned brands like Alessi, Seletti, Vista Alegre, Memphis, and Editions Milano have eagerly embraced this trend, transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art.

Long Glasses
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Bold and rebellious, Seletti collaborates with Toiletpaper to reinterpret the concept of glassware infusing it with an extravagant and ironic style. Each piece is a statement, a surreal performance on the table that challenges convention and awakens the imagination.

Editions Milano Marblelous XII
Editions MilanoMarblelous XII Shop online
Editions Milano Marblelous XI
Editions MilanoMarblelous XIShop online
Editions Milano Marblelous X
Editions MilanoMarblelous X Shop online

Editions Milano elevates tableware to a palette of emotions, where every plate is a canvas bursting with colors, lines, and shapes, recalling a work of art and embodying an artistic vision.

Vista Alegre Centerpiece
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Vista Alegre Mug
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Vista Alegre Empty pocket
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Vista Alegre seamlessly merges the lively essence of futurism with vibrant patterns, breathing life into a collection that embodies a chromatic celebration of dynamism and joie de vivre, a poetic fusion of bold shapes and bright colors.

Vista Alegre Plate
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Vista Alegre Vase
Vista AlegreVaseShop online
Vista Alegre Coffee cup
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Petite Friture Donut Espresso
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Petite Friture Donut Mug
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Exuding a contemporary aesthetic, Petite Friture excels in capturing the vibrant essence of pop art through its eclectic collections of Donut cups and mugs. Here, form and function harmoniously intertwine, elevating the tea ritual to a whimsical dream.

Feast By Ottolenghi
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The collection crafted by Ottolenghi for Serax turns the dining table into a culinary stage, where dishes take on the role of vibrant masks of a captivating performance. The pieces in the collection complement each other, contributing to a unique and expressing color composition that enchants the senses.

La Boule Memphis
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Like a kaleidoscope, Villeroy & Boch effortlessly combines trendy elements with timeless elegance. Vibrant colors and expert craftsmanship strike a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporaneity. Iconic details and bold shapes elevate La Boule Memphis into a functional and spectacular set.

Undressed Set thè
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With its surreal aesthetic, Pols Potten's Undressed collection is an invitation to embrace the creative side of everyday life. Gracefully adorned with bold and ironic designs by Esther Hörchner, the porcelain cups, plates, and spoons within this collection feature a light and delicate touch that delights the senses.

Undressed Set
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Memphis brings pop art to the dining table with iconic creations like the Tomato by Michele De Lucchi: a plate that transforms the table into a vibrant spectacle of color, embodying the artistry of the designer and the spirit of the brand in a sophisticated manner.

Memphis Tomato
MemphisTomato Shop online
Memphis Tomato
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Alessi Sottsass Salt Grinder
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Alessi Sottsass Salt Grinder
AlessiSottsass Salt GrinderShop online
Alessi Sottsass Pepper Grinder
AlessiSottsass Pepper GrinderShop online
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Alessi's Sottsass collection embodies the exuberant and visionary creativity of Ettore Sottsass, breathing life into a family of tableware where functionality intertwines with unconventional and playful design.

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With the Mediterraneo collection, we sway amidst waves of inspiration, immersed in a symphony of vibrant colors and elegant lines. A tribute to the warm sun and the sea, where tableware is transformed into sculptural pieces, boasting sinuous and natural forms reminiscent of coral and seaweed - expressive shapes beautifully complemented by vivid hues.

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