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Porada 2022: take root with a contemporary look

"Everything comes from the love for wood. Solid wood, worked with the craftsmanship of those who know how to transform a log into a small work of art. " Porada took root in 1948 and for over seventy years it has been producing furnishing accessories in which elegance, balance of form and function and quality excellence perfectly meet.

The Porada 2022 new arrivals include tables and coffee tables, sideboards, sofas, armchairs and mirrors. They come from the projects of the most prestigious Italian designers and studios including Giuseppe Viganò, Studio Buratti, Carlo Ballabio, Marconato & Zappa and Stefano Bigi. In each piece you can sense the taste of a shared philosophy, which reinterprets tradition with a contemporary look.

Porada - Softbay
Porada - Yves

The lines are sinuous, enveloping, and inspire alluring and refined atmospheres. Yves is by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, who reinterpret the classic bean-shaped sofa and give it a decidedly contemporary style. Combined with the pouf, it creates corner solutions for comfort and relaxation.

PoradaYves Divano
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Porada - Softbay

Giuseppe Viganò adds the Softbay Chaise longue + End-unit to his collection for Porada, creating a modular sofa ready to fit into any space with sophisticated elegance. To amplify this effect, the precious upholstery fabrics and the nobility of the wooden feet in solid canaletta walnut make their contribution.

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The legs, seven in total, are in solid canaletta walnut or ash, to support a very refined marble top. Berry is by Carlo Ballabio, who challenges the traditional geometric rules of rectangular, oval or round tables, to select a top with organic and fluid shapes which is even more enhanced by the splendid marble veins that run through it.

Porada - Berry
Porada - Infinity M
PoradaInfinity M
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From bottom to top: the metal plate, lthe egs in solid canaletta walnut or ash and the marble top. Infinity M is designed by Stefano Bigi and represents one of the iconic pieces of the Porada collections. The harmonious interweaving in the base recalls the roots of large ancient trees, and gives the table the same impression of strength and resistance.

PoradaCallisto Mix
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With Callisto mix, the virtuous combination of wood and marble continues in Porada furnishings, and in particular in the designs of Carlo Ballabio. This time, however, the Bronzoro finish of the base of the tables also stands out, in matt lacquered wood. Above, a mix - as the name suggests - of three marble tops, with different finishes.

Porada - Callisto Mix
PoradaCopine Wood
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Porada - Copine

Gabriele & Oscar Buratti design the Copine swivel armchair. The winning couple, in this case, is the metal of the swivel base together with the fabrics of the Porada collection. The design is enveloping, the cushions are soft, the promise is of profound comfort and relaxation.

PoradaMatics 4
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The beauty of Gabriele & Oscar Buratti's projects is also repeated in the Matics 4 crystal sideboard. The frame in canaletta walnut is closed at the front by four glass doors. To play with transparencies, the internal LED lights illuminate discreetly and softly. The marble or wooden top is the perfect pedestal for elevating accessories and small objects.

PoradaMatics 2
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Maori surprises with the elegance of the minimum, the simplicity of its lines, which at the same time know how to design a very original piece of furniture with a strong personality. It is a wall support console born from Essetipi's pencil.

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Gong by Marconato & Zappa reflects the traditional Chinese musical instrument. Not only in name, of course, but also in shape and size. Instead of powerful sounds, however, it emits light. That it is reflected light is simply a detail, because it seems to come from inside the mirror. Gong resembles an imposing window opening onto a room.

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