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Preparing the home for winter.

When design warms the mood.

With the arrival of the cold season, the desire to spend time at home together with family and friends grows. Rejoicing in a warm and comfortable setting on cold and rainy days is not just about daily life, but it is rather a moment of intimacy and well-being. To create this atmosphere, winter home furniture plays a key role. The most popular shades are the expression of organic and natural materials: cream, turtledove and the various earthy shades match perfectly with the cold winter weather, enhancing the best of spaces.

      Pelican  -HOUSE OF FINN JUHL

      The Pelican Chair is without any doubt the piece that best embodies Finn Juhl's surrealist charm. The armchair stands out for its sculptural silhouette and Nordic design, highlighted by the unusual contours of the seat. The allure of the upholstery blends with pure cabinet-making, resulting in a truly magical atmosphere.

      Guelfo Fur -OPINION CIATTI
      Guelfo Fur
      Grande Papilio  -B&B ITALIA
      B&B ITALIA
      Grande Papilio

      Grande Papilio is an armchair that embraces you with grace like the gentle fluttering of a butterfly. Its name comes from the Latin word for this delicate insect, with a strong and decisive personality, designed with fluidity around an upside-down truncated cone. The sinuous and welcoming contours of the seat provide maximum comfort to those who sit on it.

      Scandinian Vintage -Norki Decoration
      Norki Decoration
      Scandinian Vintage
      Butterfly Iceland Mariposa -CUERO
      Butterfly Iceland Mariposa

      Cuero firmly believes in the eternal relationship between man and nature. The Mariposa Butterfly Chair is the full incarnation of this bond, transcending the horizon of technological evolution. Made of solid Swedish chromed and black steel, the peculiarity of the seat lies in the precious covering in Italian vegetable-tanned leather, a soft and elegant masterpiece.

      Butterfly Pampa  -CUERO
      Butterfly Pampa
      The Flag Halyard -PP Møbler
      PP Møbler
      The Flag Halyard

      Flag Halyard Chair PP Møbler becomes the expression of a refined design concept with a seductive aesthetic. The structure of the frame is made entirely of stainless steel, carefully upholstered with Icelandic sheepskin that provides a sense of softness to the pleasant seating experience.

      Camel  -GIORGETTI
      Sway Throw  -MUUTO
      Sway Throw
      Meadow  -FERM LIVING
      Icelandic  -Norki Decoration
      Norki Decoration

      Icelandic Alpine Armchair is a comfortable seat designed and produced by the Norki brand. This sophisticated and cozy seat, made of leather and sheep fur, is perfect for residential spaces, public or contract settings. Its long-haired fur contrasts with the natural oak armrests and feet, creating a unique effect that suits any environment.