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Salone del Mobile 2022 preview: the new Antoniolupi collections

Antoniolupi's timeless vision comes alive in the new collections presented at Salone del Mobile 2022: sculptural bathroom furniture and innovative, elegant accessories draw heavily on the brand's artisanal tradition and the spirit of research and innovation that turns a revolutionary idea into reality. Aesthetics, functionality and design accuracy span every room in the home, from the bathroom to the living room, creating a new, contemporary and sophisticated design language.

Antoniolupi - Ofuro2
Cassina Soriana
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Antoniolupi - Ofuro
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With its clean, essential silhouette, Ofuro echoes the Japanese bathing ritual: the straight lines and sharp edges of the freestanding tub define a sculptural element that seems to be carved from a single block of material. Meanwhile, the curved shapes and the lowered rim make it look, in the built-in version, like a mirror of natural water in which to bathe. Thanks to the LED light integrated into the base, which is small compared to the body of the tub, the tub seems to be floating, emphasizing its elegance and lightness.

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Antoniolupi - Letteramuta

The Letteramuta wall shelf turns a modern architectural concept into a modular interior design element: its horizontal extension makes it a versatile, multifunctional and modern linear system that can be customized with holes, slots, towel racks and LED lighting. The latter provides a striking effect: it illuminates directly downward, while at the top it creates a more diffuse lighting which is perfect for elegant and contemporary living, as well as in the bedroom or kitchen.

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Antoniolupi - Letteramuta
Desalto Clay
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Flos String
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Antoniolupi - Anima Liquida
Antoniolupi - Anima Liquida

Designed by Giorgio Rava, the Animaliquida freestanding monolithic washbasin resembles a column of Ceppo di Gré natural stone. The archetype of the baptismal font, it seems to be shaped by water: the gradual, silent flow activated by a cylindrical control acting as a tap recalls the primordial power of water, evoking the ancestral purification rite.

Antoniolupi - Mezzana
Antoniolupi - Wave
Antoniolupi - Tramato

Gumdesign's Tramato console/bookcase plays with light and shadow, fullness and emptiness; a simple storage design that becomes a sophisticated three-dimensional volume. The intricate pattern of lines generates angles and geometries, converting the semi-transparent tops into refined tactile surfaces that decompose the solid element and serve as a delimitation of the objects that are stored inside, which are also visible in part and an intrinsic part of the design concept: a new dimension of everyday living, with elegance and flexibility.

Antoniolupi - Tramato
Antoniolupi - Roma
Antoniolupi - Bivio
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AntoniolupiPagine Scritte
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Pagine Scritte, three light and solid small tables with an essential and geometric design. Different heights that blend, interlock and alternate like the rows of a page in a delicate balance of proportions. Three-dimensional furniture elements in perpetual change, playing with their shapes and the shadows cast by the thin steel bars. The latter vary in intensity in the central part, turning burnished.

Antoniolupi - Bemade
Flos Luminator
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Knoll Barcelona
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