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Salone del Mobile 2024: MDF Italia and Acerbis redefine contemporary living with the new collections

The contemporary home is reimagined through the new designs showcased by MDF Italia and Acerbis at Salone del Mobile 2024. These new additions blend seamlessly with existing collections, striking a perfect balance between modern innovation and a rich design tradition.

Mdf Italia Stand Salone del Mobile 2024

Within two homes designed by Pitsou Kedem, the new MDF Italia collection comes to life. Here, an inviting, intimate atmosphere sets the stage for new masterpieces, creating a contemporary retreat. The new collection by MDF Italia embodies an essential, contemporary vision, born from the collaboration with both Italian and international designers.

Mdf Italia Stand Salone del Mobile 2024 Array Peggy
Mdf Italia Stand Salone del Mobile 2024 Array
Array Mdf Italia
Array Collection Mdf Italia

Born from MDF Italia's latest collaboration with Norwegian design studio Snøhetta, Array is a sofa system designed for peak comfort, offering a highly flexible design tailored for modern living.

Meeting the demands for sustainable, customizable home furnishings, the design features compact modules that can be easily arranged into various configurations, making them simple to transport and assemble whenever changes or replacements are necessary. With its adaptable nature, the Array collection is ideal for both small and large spaces, and versatile enough for residential and commercial projects.

Array Sofa Mdf Italia
Array Module Mdf Italia
Mdf Italia Array System
Bonnet Collection Mdf Italia

Designed by Marialaura Irvine for MDF Italia, the Bonnet collection features a series of tables with irregular yet soft shapes in both their contours and materials. With finishes that offer a pleasant tactile sensation and radiate a bright, vivid aura, they can be arranged to compose creative dining sets that foster unique and convivial dining experiences.

Press Collection Mdf Italia

The Press chair, designed by Benjamin Hubert, is the culmination of two years of research. Huber explains, "When working with any material, we like to push its potential to the maximum". The chair expresses a sense of visual comfort, achieved through the curved wooden shell that reinterprets the volumes of upholstered seating.

Cantle Mdf Italia

Drawing inspiration from the cantle — the rear part of a saddle that provides a secure and comfortable seat for the rider — Marco Lavit creates an eponymous collection for MDF Italia. The arched back of the Cantle chair gently supports the sitter's posture, while a steel frame with a graphic profile enhances the chair's sophisticated design. This piece features elegant double-face upholstery in both leather and fabric, showcasing exceptional tailoring savoir-faire.

Mdf Italia Cantle
Edu Collection Mdf Italia

Designed by Tommaso Caldera, the Edo chair collection showcases exceptional craftsmanship. This versatile, solid wood chair offers various seating options in either textile or leather, making it well-suited for diverse environments. Drawing inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, the chair, named after Edo—the ancient name for Tokyo—features slender legs and an elliptical backrest, blending traditional elegance with modern design.

Edu Chair Mdf Italia
Edu detail Mdf Italia
Peggy Mdf Italia

The Peggy armchair by Gio Tirotto embodies the concept of a "soft home" with its sinuous, enveloping forms that blend perfectly with the clean lines. Made from tubular steel and recycled foam, the chair's design incorporates a cantilevered structure that is both lightweight and comfortably curvy.

Mdf Italia Peggy
Pentagramma Mdf Italia

Designed by Pitsou Kedem, the Pentagram open system introduces new storage options that offer unprecedented solutions for space organization. A wall-mounted panel supports the placement of freestanding storage modules, which include flap doors and open compartments, available in various colors. The system's flexibility allows for multiple reconfigurations of the bookcase, lending extraordinary versatility to this piece of furniture.

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Pentagramma Array Mdf Italia
Tense Material Heritage Cazzaniga x Mdf Italia
Mdf Italia Tense Material Heritage
Tense Material Heritage Mdf Italia

The Tense family of tables, designed by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga, welcomes the new Tense Material Heritage. This edition showcases a top in either natural or black painted oak, meticulously finished with a hand-carving technique known as "sgorbiatura" in Italian. This process creates a uniquely textured, wavy surface that offers an innovative tactile experience. Meanwhile, the frame exemplifies technological and industrial advancements, allowing the table to achieve impressive dimensions.

Mdf Italia Flow Collection
Mdf Italia Flow Collection New Colours
Mdf Italia Restyling Flow Collection

Fifteen years after its debut, the renowned Flow collection by Jean Marie Massaud has been updated with a more contemporary flair while preserving the essence of the original design. The collection now features a matte shell finish, replacing the previous glossy one, and introduces a new, never-before-seen color palette. Enhancements to the collection include refined ergonomics and a silhouette that incorporates softer, more inviting shapes for both the seat and legs.

Twig Mdf Italia
Mdf Italia Twig

Mdf Italia's 2024 collection is further enriched with two new stools. The Twig stool, designed by Gilli Kuchik & Ran Amitai, features an aesthetic reminiscent of a bicycle frame, with angled, welded tubes forming a cantilevered structure. This design lends the stool a striking, sculptural look.

Mdf Italia Duetto

Designed by 967arch, Duetto is a highly versatile stool that embodies the company's mission through a distinctive graphic design. Its stands out as an informal yet functional product, suitable for both commercial and domestic settings.

Duetto Mdf Italia
Acerbis Salone del Mobile 2024

At Salone del Mobile 2024, Acerbis reaffirms it ongoing evolutions, building on its rich history of over 150 years. The collection strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, featuring new collaborations with contemporary designers as well as continuing partnerships with renowned design legends.

Acerbis Elitra

Designed by Pietro Russo for Acerbis, the Élitra collection includes storage pieces that can either hang or stand on the floor, characterized by smooth shapes and a mix of materials and finishes. Available in both tall and short versions, and offering a variety of colors, Élitra's design is versatile and modular, adapting seamlessly to different spaces.

Elitra Acerbis
Lokum Acerbis
Free System Lokum Acerbis

The Lokum coffee table collection, designed by Sabine Marcelis, showcases an elegant interplay of material, light, and color. Crafted from blown glass, these pure forms create captivating light effects. Whether used individually or paired with other elements, the Lokum tables offer exclusive decorative appeal.

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