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Exploring new horizons in textiles: new creations by cc-tapis, Nanimarquina, and Gan Rugs between art and design

Designed to transcend the boundaries of space and two-dimensionality, rugs are among the undisputed stars of Milan Design Week. The latest collections from cc-tapis, Nanimarquina, and Gan Rugs showcase culturally rich, contemporary projects where creativity blends with traditional craftsmanship to create expressive, design-driven pieces. The new products are characterized by three-dimensional textures, irregular shapes, color experimentation, and a strong focus on sustainability, as highlighted at Salone del Mobile 2024.

Bits and Bobs Rug
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Partnering with Faye Toogood, cc-tapis introduces the Rude collection, featuring rugs with a sensual, provocative design. These pieces stand out as unique works of art, inviting various interpretations and stylistic readings.

Complementing Faye Toogood's installation, cc-tapis' Grand Tour collection, showcased at Salone del Mobile, delves into India's artisanal traditions. The collection features innovative, hand-woven rugs that honor local heritage while embracing the company's contemporary approach.

M'ama Non Mama Rug
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The Grand Tour project showcases Patricia Urquiola's new collections. The M'ama non m'ama rugs evoke the whimsical nature of childhood games, resembling the shape of a daisy with petals forming the flower's crown. The diverse color palette allows for a variety of moods and combinations.

The Sonora collection offers a contemporary reinterpretation on ancient embroidery techniques. It includes rugs and poufs crafted with three-dimensional yarn, creating pixelated patterns that mimic the generation and transmission of sound waves.

Sonora Rug
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Raag Rug
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Doshi Levien's Raag collection celebrates asymmetry and improvisation with its unexpected patterns, free from predefined designs, embodying a sense of dynamism and openness.

Autumn Rug
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Uchronia's Swirl collection evokes the image of a flower crown seen from above. Delicate crochet work and subtle shades transition from the outer edges to the center, forming voluptuous shapes.

cc-tapis Onda Onda
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cc-tapis Crisscross
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cc-tapis Vice Versa B
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Nanimarquina introduces new collections and additions to existing ones at Salone del Mobile 2024, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, tradition, and innovation. The Colorado collection, marking the first collaboration between Nanimarquina and Inga Sempé, blends traditional and contemporary elements using ancient weaving and knotting techniques like chobi and kilim.

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Available in four sizes and four colors—ash, clay, moss, and sand—the Colorado rugs showcase changing color effects depending on the light, adding beauty and sophistication to any room.

Sabine Finkenauer's Pearls collection boasts a minimal and versatile aesthetic, playing with shapes and colors to create endless configurations. The variety of sizes and shades allows to create dynamic and original designs that enhance any space.

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Nanimarquina's range updates include new variants of Flora rugs and new colors for the Wabisabi collection.

Flora Bloom Rug
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Gan Rugs introduces five new collections that explore the richness of contemporary craftsmanship with a sustainable and organic approach. These rugs are crafted from natural fibers and recycled materials like rPET.

Lines by Mayice highlights the natural texture of wool. Long strands of undyed wool are woven into a modular zigzag pattern, allowing for versatile and dynamic configurations.

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco's Nomad rug, made entirely from recycled fibers, embodies a nomadic, informal style. This collection includes rugs, poufs, and cushions, allowing for various relaxation setups.

Daria Zinovatnaya's Loko collection features rugs that resemble vibrant collages of shapes and colors. By blending textures, geometries, and vibrant hues, these visually striking compositions add an artistic touch to interiors.

José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales' La Geria-Lanzarote rug captures the essence of La Geria's unique landscape, characterized by volcanic ash cones where vines grow. Its irregular pattern mimics the volcanic soil, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

Wool and color take center stage in Helena Rohner's Weave project. By interpreting various mathematical sequences on a hand loom, this collection creates an evocative collage of textures and geometric patterns in vibrant colors, resulting in striking abstract pieces.

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