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Salto & Sigsgaard's convivial lounges.

Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard authored the new interior design concept for the hospital in Gødstrup, Denmark. Some iconic pieces, such as the new series of chairs and tables from the Council Family collection, the Poet Sofa and the Pelican Chair by architect Finn Juhl are spread throughout the 375-meter-long foyer to create pleasant and convivial lounges. Salto & Sigsgaard designed each furniture with extreme care in order to not only enhance a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for patients' stay, but also to consider the hygienic, functional and practical needs of the facility.

Aesthetics meets functionality. The inside and outside of the chair covering differ in terms of color and material. The backrest and seat, which are separated to avoid crumb accumulation, reveal a long-lasting design that is also easy to maintain.

First presented in 1941 at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition and designed by architect Finn Juhl, the Poet sofa marked a bold design revolution. This small seat is the perfect blend of furniture and sculpture, a moving organic form that fully reflects Juhl's intention to design functional Danish furniture for small apartments. Considered as a comfortable and lightweight evolution of the Pelican chair, the Poet sofa merges classic lines with minimalist design and subdued colors, perfect for decorating living rooms and social spaces.

House of Finn JuhlPoet
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House of Finn JuhlPelican
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Designed by Finn Juhl in 1940, the Pelican Chair is still one of the most representative icons of Danish design. The attractive, sinuous lines of the backrest and the sturdy legs define its silhouette, revealing the designer's pure futuristic intuition. Reissued in 2001 by the House of Finn Juhl, it is inspired by the "free art" of the modern era and makes it possible to sit in different positions, giving the perception of being totally enveloped in a warm embrace.

Reissued in 2014, the Pelican table epitomize Danish style to perfection with a blend of minimal lines and perfect proportions. Designed by Finn Juhl with a convenient tray-like surface and rounded legs, it is now available in teak, walnut and oak finishes.

Designed for the Finn Juhl Chamber at the United Nations' Headquarters in New York in 2013, in 2021 the new Council Family collection became the symbol of an innovative design concept. The table and chair collection preserves an expressive and sculptural soul that asserts its place among the world's most popular designer furniture. The flexible and comfortable Council Family chair features an ergonomic design that allows users to remain seated for long periods of time in complete ease.

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The light and minimal Council Family tables are designed to be contemporary and versatile furniture elements. Their light weight makes them suitable for residential and business settings. The aesthetic appeal of their shapes matches materials such as linoleum or nanolaminate, which are used in the table top.

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