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Scandinavian sofas: ideas and trends for a Nordic style living area.

Comfort, quality, design, modularity are the key words that unite the In Situ sofa by Muuto, Develius by & Tradition, Calmo by Fredericia, Mags by Hay, Catena by Ferm Living and Offset by Menu. Sofas to customize according to your needs, your style, your spaces. Seats increasingly able to welcome, furnish, become real spaces to live, both for relaxation but also for work, for sharing and being together.

Clean lines and soft colors characterize the playful functionality and sober elegance of Scandinavian sofas. The Nordic style is an integral part of a real lifestyle that expresses its essence through the minimalism and materiality of the furnishings. Welcoming atmospheres that Nordic décor aims to create, to find moments of comfort within your everyday life and within the walls of your home.

     Leaf Floor Lamp
     Soft Tavolino

    "Designs must serve their purpose and, more than anything, they should bring you pleasure."

    Hugo Passos

    Rest  -MUUTO
     Mineral Tavolino

    The enveloping shape of the Catena sofa by Ferm Living has been designed for maximum comfort. The concept is inspired by the U-shape of the chains which is reflected in the soft curves and stitched seams of the Catena sofa. The shape is welcoming and the design is modular through individual modules that can be combined in several variables to create the desired expression.

     Catena Collezione Divani
     Plinth Low Tavolino
     Menu Nimbus Specchio da Parete Rotondo

    The Offset sofa by Menu, designed by Norm Architects, is the result of a research on balance. The designers wanted to create a sofa with simple lines to make it compact but at the same time with a delicate, architectural but inviting and welcoming appearance.

    Favn Sofa
    Favn Sofa
    Mags  -HAY

    Known for its versatility, the Mags sofa by Hay combines a tight expression with deep seats. With a wide assortment of modular units and variety of upholstery options, Mags offers numerous customisation possibilities, making it a versatile choice for diverse contexts. In a short space of time, this elegant sofa has transformed homes around the world, helping to spread Scandinavian design. With its simple shape and fabric upholstery, the sofa adapt effortlessly to its surroundings.

    Poet Sofa
     Pebble Tappeto
     Post Lampada da Terra

    The In Situ sofa by Muuto, designed by Anderssen & Voll, is a modular design with sculptural lines that can be tailored to your individual space and taste yet with its modular elements hidden through subtle detailing of its front profile, paired with deep comfort and a soft seat.

    Sequioia Pouf

    The simple, serene look of the Calmo sofa, designed by Portuguese designer Hugo Passos for Fredericia, conveys a sense of genuine peace. Straight lines merge with curved details in a discreet expression of elegance. The result is a sofa with a rational approach, yet characterized by a casual, contemporary style.

     Calmo Divano
    Develius Divano Modulare
     Lato Tavolino

    The Develius sofa by & Tradition is designed by Edward Van Vliet, a contemporary Dutch designer known for his high attention to detail. In his quest to design an elegant and sculptural modular sofa, the designer wanted to create a "comfortable paradise", as he likes to say. The result is several modular component housings, of varying size and shape, from rectangular to square.

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