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Small tables: elegance in every detail

Within the walls of your home, every corner, every intricate detail is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with new meanings, weaving stories of beauty that transcend the ordinary. An embodiment of this philosophy, designer small tables are the eloquent example of how even the smallest of details can shape spaces and transport you into a new dimension. Crafted from either a single material or graced with distinctive combinations of precious elements, small tables are more than mere furnishings: they are the architects of an elegant, contemporary ambiance, elevating your daily experiences with their timeless elegance.

Designed by the visionary Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C, the Regent coffee tables are a symphony of elegance and versatility. These small marvels come in a variety of shapes and are adorned with exquisite materials, from the rugged beauty of lava stone to the eternal allure of marble. Each piece exudes an eclectic essence, making them the perfect fit for any space, effortlessly blending with a diverse spectrum of décor styles.

The Menhir low tables by Acerbis are a daring expression of creativity. The column, evoking the timeless aesthetics of Greek classicism, gracefully supports the majestic marble base, bridging the gap between the ancient and the contemporary. However, it's on the tabletop, where textures and colors engage in a poetic dance, that the enchanting beauty of this masterpiece shines. Through a meticulous fusion of forms and materials, Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino create a mesmerizing visual narrative, crafting not just a piece of furniture, but a genuine work of art

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Cecilie Manz and Fredericia share a rich history of creative collaboration, and the Niveau coffee tables are an remarkable chapter in their artistic journey. In a perfect balance of Scandinavian minimalism and opulent aesthetics, these pieces seamlessly blend wood and marble, unveiling the beauty of nature within every intricate vein and grain, a visual poetry that unfolds with each passing glance.

The Bold coffee table by Mohdern beautifully captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship, where refined aesthetics and attention to detail come together to create a distinctive sensory experience. Offered in a range of sizes and shapes, this living room piece transitions smoothly to the bedroom, serving as an elegant nightstand. Crafted in both wood and stone, each variant possesses a unique personality, a natural elegance that manifests itself through clean lines and organic curves.

The Allure series of coffee tables, brought to life by Baxter, celebrates the evocative power of design, capable of creating dreamlike atmospheres within our homes. The base pays homage to the timeless beauty of Doric columns, but it's on the table's surface that the true magic unfolds. Here, metal orchestrates a kaleidoscopic symphony, giving life to ever-changing reflections that dance in harmony with the gentle caress of natural light.

Designed by Ugo Cacciatori, the Plynto coffee table by Henge is a sculptural masterpiece where solidity and lightness come together in an organic ensemble. The interplay of irregular shapes, the artful balance of proportions, and the fusion of stone and glass infuse this piece of furniture with a distinctive character, evoking captivating and enchanting color impressions.

The Beside You side table, a creation by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for Ceccotti Collezioni, is an elegant element with a minimalist, linear design that creates an ethereal, almost weightless aesthetic. True to its name, Beside You can be used individually or in clusters, crafting archipelagos of varying heights where wood and glass elegantly converge in a harmonious embrace of forms and transparencies.

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