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Steel Allure: the Kitchen as an Architectural Marvel

An inspiring journey to discover a material that evokes a sense of eternity. The modern smoothness of stainless steel, combines with enduring style and quality, breathes life to designs boasting timeless aesthetics, in an space like the kitchen—a perpetual meeting point between tradition and modernity.

Italia Arclinea
Arclinea Cucina Italia
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The Italia kitchen, a creation by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea, seamlessly embraces the functionality and aesthetics of a professional kitchen, from the prevalent use of steel to the incorporation of technical features.

Italia Arclinea

Alongside the technical details like the recessed handle, the spacious and well-equipped worktops, and suspended hoods, the Italia kitchen is crafted to enhance moments of togetherness, with elements such as the island that seamlessly unite the kitchen's operational essence with the joy of sharing good food.

Arclinea Italia
Lignum et Lapis Arclinea
Arclinea Lignum et Lapis Cucina
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Contrary to its name derived from the Latin words for wood and stone, Lignum et Lapis envisions the incorporation of steel alongside these two materials. The exclusive use of these noble materials in crafting islands and workstops gives rise to genuine sculptures, elevating the design to an artistic form.

 Twelve Poliform

The Twelve kitchen by Poliform embodies the essence of simplicity. Its rigorous aesthetics, featuring wide worktops finished with minimal thicknesses—with the thinnest door in the range—reaches its pinnacle in a total steel aesthetic that amplifies its contemporary appeal.

Twelve Poliform
Poliform Twelve
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Shape Poliform
Poliform Shape
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Poliform Shape

The Shape kitchen by Poliform celebrates the allure of stainless steel in modern and innovative culinary spaces. The clean and sharp lines of its structure contribute to an exceptionally modern vision within the space.

Artex Poliform
Poliform Artex
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Poliform Artex
Poliform Artex
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Contemporary style, efficiency and refinement converge in the Artex kitchen by Poliform. This inviting space seamlessly weaves the elegance of steel finishes with the quality of the material, creating an impeccable and timeless aesthetic.

Small Living Kitchens Falper

A harmonious blend of hues unfolds: reflective silvery metals combined with concrete greys, light woods, and graphiste hues that evoke industrial textures. In this portrayal, Small Living Kitchens by Falper. highlights the essence of stainless steel: essential, decisive, and possessing a rugged charm.

Falper Small Living Kitchens
Falper. Small Living Kitchens
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