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The refined bright atmospheres of the Stick collection by Contardi

From the perfect shape of the equilateral triangle comes the basic element of the Stick collection by Contardi, by Italian designers Studiopepe. Essential and elegant, the wall-mounted and suspended lamps emanate a striking light thanks to the special lighting unit and different viewing angles. Exclusively for Mohd, the Stick lamps come in the two refined finishes Terracotta and Mastice.

ContardiStick Trio AP Exclusive Edition
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The triangular base extends over the volume of the Stick's wand, with its fluted diffuser creating special lighting atmospheres. The clean design and minimalist character is highlighted by the absence of screws or attachments, except on the back.

"Designing a lighting product means considering that the object's own shape will affect the final lighting effect".

ā€” Studiopepe

ContardiStick Double AP Lamp Exclusive Edition
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A triangular-based element with an architectural appeal that, when viewed from the front, illuminates the room uniformly; however, by changing the viewing point, it creates different lighting effects from time to time.

ContardiStick So Exclusive Edition
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ContardiStick So Trio Exclusive Edition
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ContardiStick AP Double
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The Stick range includes a series of wall-mounted and suspended lamps with elements that combine in functional single, double, or triple-rod configurations.

ContardiStick AP
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Two additional new and elegant finishes will be available from fall 2022: Satin Copper and Satin Gold Nickel.

ContardiStick SO Trio
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During the week of the Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan, Contardi released, exclusively for Mohd, the Stick prototypes in the original Fluorescent Green and Yellow colors. The eye-catching and colorful versions of the lamps were displayed at the Mohd in Bloom, an exclusive event at the Mohd Officina showroom in Milan.

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