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Tacchini at Salone del Mobile 2024: untold stories and echoes from the past

The home serves as a theater of daily life, where each object plays a distinct role for its inhabitants—either as a witness to the past or a gateway to the future, revealing its unique story: the original design idea, the material composition, and the craftsmanship that shaped it. These narratives are interwoven into the environment, sculpting it according to our memories.

During Milan Design Week, the Tacchini story unfolds within a space where new designs, classic re-editions by Joe Colombo and Gianfranco Frattini, and brand new projects from international designers like Faye Toogood and Michael Anastassiades take center stage.

The debut collaboration with designer Faye Toogood introduces the Cosmic collection: sculptural pieces featuring elliptical forms that redefine the art of furnishing.

“I’m inviting you to crash land on these padded piles. To crunch and crinkle the glowing quilted lights. Run your hands over the table’s lacquered top and leather legs…” _Faye Toogood

Tacchini Solar
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At the heart of the Cosmic collection, the Solar sofa stands out with its stacked cushions wrapped in crinkled fabric, infusing spaces with a sense of casual elegance while offering unmatched comfort.

Tacchini Solar Daybed
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Tacchini Altar
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Complementing the sofa, the Orbit coffee table and desk, along with the Astral and Lunar lamps, and the Stellar mirror, create a space defined by a soft aesthetic. Each piece reflects the tactile and emotional creativity of the designer through its form and materials.

Tacchini Orbit
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Tacchini  Lunar
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Tacchini Stellar
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Tacchini Astral
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Tacchini breathes new life into Joe Colombo’s 1967 Additional System, a modular seating collection featuring armahciar, pouf and daybed inspired by 1960s ergonomic studies. Available in six different sizes, these modules can be arranged in numerous unique configurations, ensuring originality in each assembly.

Tacchini Additional System Chaise Longue
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Tacchini Clockwise
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Clockwise, designed by Michael Anastassiades, strikes a perfect balance between imposing and understated design. Its clean lines and geometric precision find their purest expression in the unique leg configuration, offering a rhythmic, flowing design that encourages spontaneous gatherings around the table.

With the Paola chair, a re-edition of Vico Magistretti’s historic design, Tacchini introduces a new member to its classic collection. Made from ash wood with an upholstered seat, this chair embodies Magistretti’s typical dichotomy: robust and formal, yet stackable and lightweight for easy mobility.

Tacchini Serie 500
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Continuing its collaboration with the Gianfranco Frattini Archive, Tacchini introduces a re-edition of a classic design by the renowned designer. The 500 series heralds a new era in Tacchini's legacy, focusing on storage furniture. Traditional elements and materials that evoke the warm, timeless forms typical of home environments.

Roberto Sironi designs for Tacchini two tables where material plays a leading role. In Brut, concrete dominates, forming spontaneous and informal shapes that imbue the design with a brutalist character.

Tacchini Brut
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Tacchini Cassero
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In the Cassero table, concrete is also pivotal, shaping the architectural block with an uneven surface that mimics wooden formwork used in construction. This table adds a touch of essential yet rigorous architectural elegance to the living space.

The Tacchini 2024 collection also includes new lighting and accessories, each exuding a sophisticated and exclusive aura.

Tacchini Doric
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Umberto Bellardi Ricci collaborates with Tacchini for the creation of two minimalist yet decorative lamps. The Doric wall sconce—crafted from painted metal— echoes the spiral motifs of classical Doric columns. Its simple yet impactful design creates a unique light effect that seems to wrap the lamp around itself when viewed from the side

Tacchini Ancora
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Ancora features a similar spiral metal sheet design, where the reflective surface creates a captivating lighting effect, offering a new interpretation of sculptural lighting.

With its luminous spheres, Jean-Pierre Garrault and Henri Delord’s design, a re-edition of a lamp inspired by a journey to Japan, resembles a full moon rising above a mountaintop. The Dana lamp is now presented in a floor-to-ceiling version.

Tacchini Dana
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The new Leise and Jacob collections by Salem van der Swaagh invite rich tactile and visual experiences. These textile pieces blend raw beauty with refined craftsmanship, creating a design that is contrasting, original, and harmoniously aesthetic.

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