Inspiration Mohdboards

The art of color.

The harmonious blend of furniture, color and design.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue. Color has always been a true hymn to freedom and self-expression. The concept of palette has crossed times and generations within the world of furniture, playing a fundamental role in the customization of spaces and in the creation of unique settings. Green tables, red sofas, white sideboards, soft poufs with color combinations, vibrant vases, original chairs and accessories: from cold nuances to warm shades, furniture colors can create intense and cozy atmospheres. Starting from the creations by Moroso, Baxter, CC-Tapis, to the works of illustrious designers such as Paola Navone and Pierre Paulin, in this section you will find some of the most beautiful and colorful designer furniture.

      Gogan is a true celebration of color. The sophisticated armchair turns the living room experience into an invitation to comfort and relaxation. The collection owes its name to nature, and in particular to Japanese stones polished by time and water, which were the source of inspiration for this project. The sculptural shapes echo the softness of these stones, massive yet welcoming at the same time. The interplay of gravity and balance, lightness and abundance, delineates the peculiar nature of the seat, slightly inclined backwards and with a lower back, perfect for experiencing moments of endless softness.

      Gogan -MOROSO
      Getlucky -MOROSO
      Ribbon -ARTIFORT

      Ribbon Chair is an international design classic, conceived by the great designer Pierre Paulin for Artifort more than 50 years ago. This colorful and dynamic armchair is still attractive today thanks to its timeless aesthetic appeal. A refined fabric ribbon folds, adhering to the body and embracing it comfortably. The multifunctional bar is provided with a metal frame with horizontal springs, covered with foam and stretch fabric, while the base is made of pressed wood lacquered in different shades. The ribbon is exhibited at the 'National Gallery of Victoria' in Melbourne and at the 'Museum of Modern Art' in New York.

      Ultrafragola -POLTRONOVA
      Bruxelles -BAXTER

      Paola Navone designed the dynamic Bruxelles armchair for Baxter. Bold and daring in the version with Mongolia upholstery with pop color shades, Bruxelles stands out for being full of emotional charge. The soft expression of Navone's typical imaginative design, Brussels becomes a striking element in the living room, stealing the show from even the most comfortable of sofas. The leather-covered structure blends harmoniously with Baxter's leather range.

      Bibendum -CLASSICON

      The eccentric star of the living room, the Bibendum armchair was designed by Eileen Gray in 1929 for ClassiCon. Available in over fifty colors, the seat is characterized by a unique, imposing and fascinating look."Nunc est bibendum" seems to be the quote expressed by this captivating armchair. Horace's exhortation, in the famous Latin phrase, calls for a toast and the celebration of comfort, relaxed on a timeless designer piece.

      Archer -CC-TAPIS

      Unleashing a burst of color, the Archer Collection is a series of hand-knotted rugs designed by Iranian artist Taher Asad-Bakhtiari for CC-Tapis. The line features seven rugs in different patterns and hues, with runners that explore multiple cultural icons. A unique design expressed by natural materials and superior craftsmanship is inspired by the artist's Persian culture. The collection is entirely produced in the cc-tapis atelier in Nepal, using Himalayan wool, pure silk, lurex and mohair.

      Ploum -LIGNE ROSET
      Visioni -CC-TAPIS
      Face-to-Face -TACCHINI