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The Art of Tablescaping: a Sensory Experience

The art of table setting transcends the mere arrangement of plates and cutlery. It unfolds as a symphony of aesthetics and functionality, where the distinctive elements of shape, texture, and graphics not only infuse character into each item but also provide a unique experience to the user.

The integration of sensory plates and objects elevates experience to new heights, engaging not only the taste but also the other senses in a harmonious celebration of the culinary arts. These table is a excellent rapresentation

Kartell I.D. Ish Autumn
KartellI.D. Ish AutumnShop online
Kartell Matelassé Vase
KartellMatelassé Vase Shop online
Kartell Abbracciaio Candle Holder
KartellAbbracciaio Candle Holder Shop online

This table serves as an excellent example of the evocative power of objects. With the D'O collection, Kartell seamlessly blends form and function, embracing a minimalist approach.

Kartell I.D. Ish Spring
KartellI.D. Ish Spring Shop online

The design of the I.D Ish plates is simple yet possesses the ability to capture the very essence of food.

Pols Potten showcases a similar vision with this dreamlike plate, creating a delightful interplay between the food and us. This whimsical illusion, crafted by the white porcelain and its shapes, subtly plays with perception.

Pols Potten Plate with Apple
Pols PottenPlate with Apple Shop online

Imagine a table adorned with a carefully curated selection of sensory objects. Each piece is not merely a vessel for food but a work of art in itself. The plates, with their varying textures, colors, and shapes, invite tactile exploration. Memphis with the Rucola plates expands sensuousness with bumps and a strong cromatic contrast. This plate creates a new surface for the meeting between the table and the food.

Memphis Rucola Dish
MemphisRucola Dish Shop online

The plates, with their textures, colors, and shapes, invite a deeper exploration. Take, for instance, the Rucola plate from Memphis, where the textured surface enhances the tactile experience, and the bold color contrast delights the visual senses. This plate introduces a new dimension to the connection between table and food.

Georg Jensen Bernadotte Plate
Georg JensenBernadotte PlateShop online
Georg Jensen Bernadotte White Wine Glass
Georg JensenBernadotte White Wine GlassShop online

Georg Jensen's approach to table setting exudes simplicity and essential elegance, emphasizing meticulous details inherent in craftsmanship and materials. Glass and metal, skillfully molded and manipulated, are interpreted in a new fashion, infusing the entire ensemble with a sense of refined sophistication.

Georg Jensen Cobra Carafe
Georg JensenCobra Carafe Shop online
Georg Jensen Cobra Candlestick
Georg JensenCobra Candlestick Shop online
Georg Jensen Cobra Tumbler
Georg JensenCobra Tumbler Shop online
Georg Jensen Bloom Botanica Vase
Georg JensenBloom Botanica VaseShop online
Georg Jensen Cobra Dinner Plate
Georg JensenCobra Dinner PlateShop online

The philosophy of employing simple materials through intricate processes yields highly evocative results. The Cobra collection serves as a prime example, with its sinuous and elegant shapes inviting the gaze and the touch to participate in the dining experience.

Iittala Ultima Thule Pitcher
IittalaUltima Thule Pitcher Shop online
Iittala Ultima Thule Glasses
IittalaUltima Thule Glasses Shop online
Iittala Ultima Thule Plate
IittalaUltima Thule Plate Shop online

With this set, Iittala brings a dreamy, mystical atmosphere to the table. Ultima Thule, with its delicate ripples and uneven surface, creates a unique visual effect, altering the appearance of things and offering a captivating illusion.

Iittala Ultima Tumbler
IittalaUltima Tumbler Shop online

The smoothness of a ceramic surface is broken in this Bosa Collection that want to create a disruptive experience of the cutlery. SLICE OF DESIGN adds a tactile dimension to the dining experience, encouraging diners to connect with their visual sense and to organize the mise en place in a new way.

In this Bosa collection, the gentle elegance of a ceramic surface is disrupted to create a revolutionary dining experience. Slices of Design transcends traditional boundaries, prompting diners to connect with their visual sense and reimagine the mise en place in a new and innovative manner.

Slices of Design
Shop online

Serax by Jonnie Boer is another case in which ceramics and their processing plays a fundamental role in conveying sensations through shape and uses of the objects.

Serax Perfect Imperfection Coffee Cup
SeraxPerfect Imperfection Coffee Cup Shop online
Serax Perfect Imperfection Sjanti Bowl
SeraxPerfect Imperfection Sjanti BowlShop online
Serax Perfect Imperfection Deep Plate
SeraxPerfect Imperfection Deep Plate Shop online
Serax Perfect Imperfection Kohachi Bowl
SeraxPerfect Imperfection Kohachi Bowl Shop online

In Roos Van De Velde's collection for Serax, the material and its craftsmanship take center stage in evoking sensations. Delicate, irregular edges and the velvety texture of fine Chinese porcelain infuse a delicate feel and an essential yet sophisticated beauty.

ferm LIVING Flow Breakfast Plate-Black
ferm LIVINGFlow Breakfast Plate-Black Shop online
ferm LIVING Sekki Cream Small Bowl
ferm LIVINGSekki Cream Small Bowl Shop online
ferm LIVING Fein Spoon
ferm LIVINGFein Spoon Shop online
ferm LIVING Flow Small Bowl
ferm LIVINGFlow Small Bowl Shop online
ferm LIVING Sekki Cream Large Cup
ferm LIVINGSekki Cream Large CupShop online
ferm LIVING Fein Long Spoon
ferm LIVINGFein Long Spoon Shop online
ferm LIVING Flow Medium Black Bowl
ferm LIVINGFlow Medium Black BowlShop online
ferm LIVING Flow Small Yellow Bowl
ferm LIVINGFlow Small Yellow BowlShop online

The Ferm Living table setting showcases a canvas of colors, patterns, and layouts, awakening the sense of sight. Food presentation becomes an art form, where the lively shapes create a visual allure that captivates, inviting both use and experimentation.

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