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The expert hands of skilled craftsmen create artworks that capture all the beauty and warmth of wood. The grains, a clear sign of the passing of time, and the lines, always clean and elegant, seem to bind together to create revisited textural sculptures, versatile and lightweight. Wood thus becomes the undisputed star of the furniture collections by leading international brands, revealing a new-found balance with the environment and nature. The art of woodworking adapts to the demands of modern homes without forgetting the charm of past atmospheres.

The Curtain table is a true design masterpiece. The lightness of the base, with thin and soft walls, recalls the motion of waves. The solid block, made with innovative CNC technology and polished by hand, makes the rooms glow like a sculpture. Designers Läufer & Keichel seek an intense connection between material and form that manages to give a sense of movement to an apparently inflexible object.

First made in 1959 by Poul Cadovius, the Pia chair was created to stand out and meet the concept of "less is more". It features a reduced use of material, light composition and essential design, as well as excellent comfort. The seat, made of hand-woven paper cord, blends gracefully with the slender solid wood legs and the shaped backrest, giving it a modern and up-to-date appearance. Thus, the Pia chair becomes an icon and proves how the warmth of wood can match minimalist design.

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Its molded silhouette has made it one of the signature classics of modern design. The Backenzahn stool, first envisioned in 1996 by Philipp Mainzer, gets a new look and shines in a striking matte black finish, obtained through a natural reaction of the surface in contact with a special blend of natural elements. The beauty of the wood is enhanced by imperfections and small spontaneous cracks that make the stool a completely unique piece.

MaterHigh Stool
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Everything revolves around nature. The Adjacencies collection, developed by Studio Case design and produced by Van Rossum, transforms a French oak log from certified forests into a versatile and functional piece of furniture. It can be used as a practical side table, countertop or low seat. The simplicity of the lines underlines the craftsmanship of the pieces and emphasizes the natural textures and grains of wood. A modular element with a sturdy look, Adjacencies becomes an eye-catching and charming piece in any setting.

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Carl Hansen & SønBM0488S
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