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The creative synergy between textiles and furniture

The collaboration between textile and furniture brands embodies a dynamic creative synergy that breathes life into every design project, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary. When these two worlds converge, they give rise to extraordinary opportunities in the realm of interior design.

Prominent examples of this creative synergy include collaborations between textile brands like Pierre Frey, Rubelli, and Kvadrat with designer furniture brands such as Cassina, B&B Italia, and Poltrona Frau, to name a few. These partnerships have yielded exceptional results, where fabrics and furniture seamlessly merge in perfect harmony.

These companies collaborate with world-renowned designers to craft pieces of furniture that transcend mere functionality, becoming genuine works of art.

Utrecht "Point"
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Designer furniture is celebrated for its unwavering dedication to impeccable quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and iconic design. When adorned with a fabric envisioned by Paul Smith for Maharam by Kvadrat, it transforms into a truly unique work of art. Cassina's Utrecht Point armchair for Mohd marked the pioneering step in bringing this vision to life in a contemporary context.

Gubi presents Paavo Tynell's iconic 1930s floor lamp, the 9602, in a special collaboration with the renowned French maison Pierre Frey.

The result is a graceful and elegant masterpiece, featuring the meticulously chosen fabric for the pleated shade—Jardin du Palais. The pattern, adorned with vividly colored fauna and flora, strikingly contrasts with the lamp's clean and linear design.

9602 Pierre Frey Edition
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Loro Piana Interiors
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Poltrona Frau embarks on a captivating journey into the realm of textiles through a collaboration with Loro Piana, a company with nearly a century of expertise in crafting cashmere fabrics and more. This harmonious synergy has given rise to a collection of decorative cushions adorned with Altai fabrics—a luxurious blend of wool and cashmere, meticulously sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, the Zelander® line, featuring timeless check patterns, is crafted from the finest New Zealand merino wool.

B&B Italia Le Bambole
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Stella McCartney lends her visionary touch to B&B Italia's Le Bambole collection, introducing an eco-conscious aesthetic. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of these iconic seats, the London-based designer collaborates with the company to pioneer a production approach rooted in sustainability values. Notably, the upholstery of Le Bambole boasts a remarkable feature—it is crafted from 100% biodegradable and toxin-free polyester, ensuring that it does not release harmful microplastics into the environment.

Le Bambole
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Kartell Mademoiselle
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Kartell is an essential presence within this prestigious lineup. The brand has maintained a rich tradition of collaboration with renowned designers and distinguished players in the fashion and textile industries, effectively adorning and elevating its most iconic chairs.

In this long tradition, the historic Mademoiselle chairs, masterfully designed by Starck, and the Clap chairs by Patricia Urquiola, have been gracefully dressed in Rubelli's Quatrefoil® fabrics designed by Luke Edward Hall. These fabrics feature harmonious geometric textures inspired by the intricate designs found in carpets.

Togo - La Toile Du Peintre by Pierre Frey
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Togo - La Toile Du Peintre by Pierre Frey
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