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The light by Ochre, a blend of style and discreet charm.

Born in 1996 from the genius of British designers Joanna Bibby, Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Solenne de la Fouchardière, the Ochre brand has been able to produce furniture and lamps characterized by sober and harmonious aesthetics, merging precious materials with unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece becomes a unique and unusual work of art, in which the appeal of the shapes provides a surprising light show. The continuous experimentation performed by the designers in the application of ancient techniques such as glass blowing and bronze fusion leads to a discreet refinement and delicate preciousness, the hallmarks of the company.

Today Ochre is an internationally acclaimed firm with showrooms in London and New York, with a selection of suspension lamps such as Celestial Pebble or Seed Cloud, table lamps such as the Lupin and floor lamps.

Many small hand-blown heavenly pebbles gently come together to form the Celestial Pebble suspension chandelier. The harmonious proportions of the glass elements contrast with the bold antique brass, satin or blackened nickel finishes of the cap and support chain, giving rise to simple, clean silhouettes. Provided with the possibility of customizing the structure, Celestial Pebble can be hung as a single pendant or bound into clusters to create spectacular installations. Ochre shows once again the beauty of materials and craftsmanship through very precious LED lighting.

Like a sudden and enchanting cascade of light, the Seed Cloud collection of suspension lamps reflects the extraordinary versatility of Ochre's compositions. The light that spreads from the small glass drops enclosed in handcrafted cast bronze gems is hypnotic, seductive and functional. The brightness of the small elements doesn't cause disorder but, on the contrary, gives rise to a balanced and magnetic artwork, perfect for decorating living rooms and large spaces devoted to conviviality.

In the Light Drizzle collection of suspension lamps, the elegance of glass blends with the strength of metal, creating luminous sculptures to be admired. Spiral, round or rectangular shapes create peculiar and unexpected effects, enhancing both homes and business spaces. Light Drizzle is the perfect example of Ochre's style and design, which has been creating contemporary, appealing lamps for over 20 years. The long, thin glass pendants culminate in small transparent droplets that emphasize the concentric ring shape. The light diffuses throughout the room, bringing a subtle and refined note to any space. In the black version, the lamp reveals a bolder and more intense mood.

Precious and striking, the Arctic Pear chandelier becomes the star of any space. The two layers of handmade glass drops almost seem to float on the patinated bronze or polished nickel frame, revealing the timeless beauty of the chandelier. Arctic Pear elegantly captures and reflects light, enhancing the room with its distinctive character. Its contemporary silhouette blends with a classic image that stands out without ever becoming ordinary. Ochre is a game of transparencies and daring shapes, a balanced mixture of aesthetics and functionality.

Inspired by the sinuous features of a jellyfish, the Medusa Bloom chandelier delights in its beauty and apparent simplicity. A set of thin wires hangs a multitude of mouth-blown glass drops, all lit by LED lights and characterized by a smoky grey shade in the middle. Contrasting shapes, sizes and transparencies produce a range of unique lighting pieces with an intense and attractive design. Presented by Ochre on the occasion of the 2018 Milan Design Week, Medusa Bloom embodies poetry and lightness, as it happens in nature, air and water, in a delicate and fascinating dance.

The Lupin table lamp, presented at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014, boasts an asymmetrical design and harmonious contours. Accurate craftsmanship represents the essence of the Ochre brand: the mouth-blown glass base in dark blue or natural gray culminates in a shade in gathered chiffon that slims the lines and accentuates the designers' intention to combine proportions, chromatic contrast and excellent finishes.

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