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In Love with Design: the most exclusive Valentine's Day gifts

Discover a curated selection featuring refined objects, sculptures, and collectibles - both small and large. Designer creations that transcend mere functionality, embodying timeless value. From iconic pieces to the latest arrivals, experience design in its most exclusive expressions. The Mohd selection, dedicated to the most romantic moment of the year, presents a unique opportunity to gift something destined to stand the test of time.

Se|es Artemide
Tolomeo Micro Copper Anodized
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The icons of design bask in eternal splendor through new finishes and colors, accentuating their timeless beauty. The anodized copper special edition of the Tolomeo is a celebration of its sleek, essential profile that garnered fame.

637 Utrecht Armchair - Nest Blue/Red Limited Ed.
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Cassina's Utrecht showcases a two-tone pattern inspired by nature, where geometric motifs in shades of blue intersect with the warm hues of a red sunset light. This juxtaposition accentuates the dynamic design of the armchair, a masterpiece of modern design by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld.

La Chaise Vitra
Vitra Stools Collection
VitraStools CollectionShop online
Vitra Eames Special Collection - La Chaise
VitraEames Special Collection - La Chaise Shop online
Vitra Akari BB3-55DD
VitraAkari BB3-55DD Shop online

Charles and Ray Eames drew inspiration for its form from a renowned sculpture by Gaston Lachaise. As part of the Eames Special Collection 2023, La Chaise, adorned in the historic Parchment color, is available for purchase until February 15, 2024, alongside other reissues.

081 Réaction Poétique Canaletto Walnut
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For the creation of Réaction Poétique, Jaime Hayon found inspiration in the organic forms of Le Corbusier's architecture. The result is a collection of functional objects with sculptural forms that elevate the inherent beauty of wood and showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of Cassina's woodworking.

Gatto Flos

More than just a lamp, this luminous object boasts a silhouette that evokes the profile of a seated cat, crafted from an innovative material for its time - cocoon. The Castiglioni brothers, in their experimentation with this material, created not only this distinctive piece but also other iconic Flos lamps, including the Taraxacum.

Bloom Slim
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Tribal Vases 101 Copenhagen
101 Copenhagen Tribal Vase
101 CopenhagenTribal Vase Shop online
101 Copenhagen Tribal Vase
101 CopenhagenTribal Vase Shop online

The vases and sculptures from the 101 Copenhagen collection are defined by organic design and meticulous craftsmanship. These objects are designed to decorate spaces with understated, minimalist elegance.

Momento Collection &Tradition
&Tradition Momento JH41
&TraditionMomento JH41 Shop online
&Tradition Momento JH40
&TraditionMomento JH40 Shop online
&Tradition Momento Candleholder
&TraditionMomento Candleholder Shop online
Momento Collection &Tradition
&Tradition Momento Vase JH41
&TraditionMomento Vase JH41 Shop online
&Tradition Momento Candleholder
&TraditionMomento Candleholder Shop online
&Tradition Momento Jug
&TraditionMomento Jug Shop online

Jaime Hayon's creative brilliance shines through in &Tradition's latest Momento collection, showcasing the designer's expertise in turning everyday objects into artistic elements with a bold graphic and sculptural identity.

Eames House Bird
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Ceramic figurines from Bosa and Lladró, sculptures by Gardeco, and iconic objects such as the Eames House Bird by Vitra: the synergy of craftsmanship and creativity gives life to a diverse array of small yet magnificent masterpieces, perfect to be gifted and cherished for their unique splendor.

The Guest Limited Edition Lladrò
Lladró The Guest by Camille Walala Figurine – Big
LladróThe Guest by Camille Walala Figurine – Big Shop online
Lladró The Guest by Camille Walala Figurine – Little
LladróThe Guest by Camille Walala Figurine – Little Shop online
The Visitor Small
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Love Now!
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Petal Clock Vitra
Vitra Petal Clock
VitraPetal Clock Shop online
Vitra Eames House Whale
VitraEames House Whale Shop online

The paradox inherent in the designer clocks that have left their mark on the history of design: marking the hours and minutes while defying the passage of time itself through their timeless design. From Solari Lineadesign's Cifra 3 and Dator 60 to the iconic Vitra clocks crafted by George Nelson – each piece is an authentic and durable gift.

Ball Wall Clock
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Dator 60
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Mini Barcelona
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Qlocktwo Touch Table Clock
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Among the best sellers in the Mohd selection are also Nomon's artistic clocks and the innovative designs showcased in the Qlocktwo collections.

Font Clock
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Marble Wall Clock
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