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The sculptural beauty of the latest outdoor tables

The latest outdoor tables showcase a majestic design, making them the focal point of any outdoor setting. With oversized proportions and materials that lend a spectacular three-dimensional quality to their volumes, alongside unique finishes and textures, every detail contributes to a stylistic equation resulting in a monumental and scenic aesthetic. Cassina, Poliform, Baxter, and more within Mohd's selection dedicated to alfresco dining.

Trampoline Collection Cassina
Cassina 561 Trampoline
Cassina561 Trampoline Shop online
Cassina 561 Trampoline
Cassina561 Trampoline Shop online
Cassina Colourdisc Vases
CassinaColourdisc Vases Shop online
Cassina Cross Vases
CassinaCross Vases Shop online
Cassina Trampoline Table

Designed to join Patricia Urquiola's collection for Cassina, the Trampoline table draws inspiration from the tubular system that marked the dawn of design in the early 1900s. Its base showcases a geometric aluminum joint, providing sturdy support for the tabletop, which is available in Soft Touch Cement and Coral Beige Marble.

561 Trampoline Outdoor Table
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Cassina Trampoline Outdoor
Cassina 561 Trampoline
Cassina561 Trampoline Shop online
Cassina 094 Bollicosa Nautilus
Cassina094 Bollicosa Nautilus Shop online
Matera Outdoor Manila Baxter
Baxter Matera
BaxterMatera Shop online
Baxter Manila
BaxterManila Shop online

The Matera table collection, designed by Paola Navone for Baxter, takes center stage in any dining space with its striking Palladian structure and distinctive multicolored collage effect achieved through the fusion of marble and resin. Each piece is inherently unique because of the natural appeal of the stone.

Matera Outdoor Baxter
Matera Mati Baxter
Magnolia Monolith Poliform
Poliform Monolith Outdoor
PoliformMonolith Outdoor Shop online
Poliform Magnolia
PoliformMagnolia Shop online
Magnolia Monolith Outdoor Baxter

The very name of Poliform's Monolith table hints at the concept behind its design. Emmanuel Gallina drew inspiration from the timeless, sculptural allure of dolmens to design this collection of tables. Combining monumental forms with gracefully curved, edge-free lines, the design achieves an extraordinary visual softness.

Monolith Outdoor Table
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Tao Mood Tribù
Tribù Tao
TribùTao Shop online
Tribù Monsieur Tricot
TribùMonsieur Tricot Shop online

Monica Armani has designed an elegant table collection for Tribù, where the majestic design perfectly balances the constrasting elements within an aesthetic defined by refined solidity. Here, the sculptural, monumental pedestal harmonizes with the lightness of thin, essential tops, crafted from lightweight concrete.

Otto Elio Tribù
Tribù Elio
TribùElio Shop online
Tribù Otto Table - Round
TribùOtto Table - Round Shop online
Suro Otto Tribù
Tribù Otto Table - Rectangular
TribùOtto Table - Rectangular Shop online
Tribù Suro
TribùSuro Shop online

Marc Merckx's Otto table collection for Tribù exemplifies the artful interplay of different materials and forms. Evoking the grandeur of ancient architectural columns, the fluted teak base provides sturdy support for a sophisticated round or rectangular top, available in travertine or ceramic finishes.

Gervasoni Kasane Ghost
Gervasoni Ghost Out 23
GervasoniGhost Out 23 Shop online
Gervasoni Kasane 33
GervasoniKasane 33 Shop online

The Kasane table collection, designed by the Japanese studio Nendo for Gervasoni, takes its name from a word meaning "overlapping". The essence of this product is expressed through an interplay of various elements gradually stacking atop one another, resulting in a captivating clay sculpture.

Kasane 33 Outdoor Table
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Kasane Collection Nendo Gervasoni
Gervasoni Kasane
Tobi-Ishi Outdoor Table
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Tobi-Ishi Outdoor brings the sculptural and essential design of this iconic table, designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for B&B Italia, to outdoor spaces. Its distinctive silhouette gracefully changes its appearance depending on the observer's perspective, offering a dynamic visual experience. In this outdoor version, the table now comes in two additional color options: clay and green.

Tobi-ishi outdoor B&B Italia
B&B Italia Tobi-ishi Outdoor
Arc Outdoor Table
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With Molteni&C venturing into the outdoor realm, Foster + Partners' Arc sculpture table now joins the outdoor collection, crafted entirely from concrete. This outdoor version remains faithful to the original design and is offered in a single-material, monochrome version.

Molteni&C Arc Outdoor
Molteni&C Green Point
Molteni&CGreen Point Shop online
Molteni&C Arc Outdoor
Molteni&CArc Outdoor Shop online

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