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The timeless furnishings by Collection Particulière

Started in 2014 in France by Jérôme Aumont, Collection Particulière stands for the production of elegant and minimal design furniture, conceived according to the idea of movement. Sinuous shapes and excellent workmanship make every furnishing unique and tailored to any customer. From the striking carved wooden Afa sideboard to the voluptuous Pia armchair, each piece looks like a beautiful and timeless work of art.

Collection Particulière - Pia
Collection Particulière YAB
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Collection Particulière Leaf
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Collection Particulière Rosae Pedestal
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Collection Particulière Pia
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Collection Particuliére - Pia
Collection ParticulièrePia
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Collection Particulière is enriched with a new series of upholstered seats, able to express elegance and sensuality, in full Christophe Delcourt style. Pia charms with its sinuous geometries and apparent softness. Thanks to the rounded, inclined backrest designed to provide support and stability, it can be used as a comfortable armchair, also available in the 360-degree swivel option or in the longest sofa version. Made in France, Pia confirms the tailoring excellence of the designer, who has created a wide choice of fabrics, perfect to decorate living rooms and entrance halls.

Collection ParticulièreLek
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Collection ParticulièreLek
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Collection Particulière - Lady R

Born from the combination of two rounded shapes, the Lady R coffee table, conceived by the designer Luca Erba for Collection Particulière, seems to change its appearance depending on the perspective from which it is viewed, becoming a dynamic and versatile piece. It seems to be carved out on one side, whilst on the other it is strongly accentuated, showing all the beauty of Roman travertine in sharp contrast with the brushed oak of the base. It is also available in the lower version, with a 180 cm length.

Collection Particulière
Collection Particulière B/Light
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Collection Particulière Bos
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Collection Particulière - Tami

Available in seven shades, the Tami dining table in brushed oak represents the right combination of character and elegance. The clean and sinuous lines of the fixed top with rounded edges, 2.80 metres long, also characterise the legs, created by designer Luca Erba following diagonal angles, in order to ensure stability and seating comfort. A furnishing proposed by Collection Particulière with a great charm that makes every setting unique.

Collection Particulière - Tami
Collection Particulière - Afa
Collection Particulière - Afa

Designed in 2022 by Christophe Delcourt for Collection Particulière, the Afa sideboard in gouged oak or gouged elm is available in two sizes, with one or two doors. It stands for its sculptural shape, further enhanced by the original craftsmanship of the carved wood that covers the frame adding a sophisticated touch to the structure. Practical and save-spacing, Afa is characterised by an oval shape, making a distinctive statement in any setting, even a formal one.

Collection Particulière - Terra
Collection ParticulièreTerra
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Collection ParticulièreFao
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Collection ParticulièreDam
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