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Toogood and the art of sculptural furniture

With a multidisciplinary approach spanning fashion, design, and art, Faye Toogood has quickly distinguished herself with her unconventional style that challenges traditional design norms. The British designer embraces the creative process, allowing ample room for experimentation using everyday objects found in her studio—such as paper, ribbon, wire, canvas, clay, and paint—to create models that are meticulously translated into final works, faithful to the original sketches. The result is a collection of sculptural and textured handcrafted pieces that have achieved iconic status for their geometric aesthetic and sculpted forms.

Gummy Palette Toogood
 Roly Poly Dining Toogood
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Roly Poly is a contemporary icon that stands out in any room with its bold presence, distinguished by its curved, sturdy profile. The collection includes armchairs, sofas, dining chairs with a sleeker silhouette, stools, and side tables, each making an authentic statement piece. Handcrafted by master artisans, these pieces feature natural imperfections, reflecting their uniqueness and exclusivity.

 Roly Poly Collection Toogood
Roly Poly Fudge Toogood
Roly Poly Dining Toogood

The Fudge armchair boasts a sculptural aesthetic that is expressed in a stylish asymmetrical shape. This plastic design represents the evolution of the Roly Poly Collection into an even more playful and unexpected form, showcasing the spontaneity of the creative process. The subtle asymmetries and gently curved lines of the original clay maquette are faithfully reproduced life-size, first hand-carved into wood and then cast in durable fiberglass.

Fudge Toogood
 Spade Chair Toogood
Toogood Spade Chair

Inspired by the English countryside where Toogood grew up, the Spade chair draws from the natural shapes and colors of the natural landscape. Its distinctive silhouette combines elements of traditional milking stools and tool handles, creating a powerful icon that bridges the past, present, and future.

 Gummy Toogood

The latest products presented at Salone del Mobile 2024 further showcase the designer's creative freedom, as she ventures into the realm of upholstery for the first time.

Toogood Sketches
 Faye Toogood Gummy

After years of postponement in search of a sustainable British production workshop that employs traditional techniques and natural materials, Toogood has finally realized her vision.

For the first upholstered piece in her collection, the Toogood studio employed new pattern-making techniques and drew on its multidisciplinary expertise, with the fashion team selecting upholstery fabrics to create a curvilinear design using only natural, non-elastic textures.

Palette Gummy Toogood
Toogood Gummy
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Toogood Palette
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“Upholstery is a completely different process and so we needed to build Gummy in the factory. Finding the right scale in the curving wooden skeleton and then sculpting the shape with coconut husk and wool.” – Faye.

With Gummy, Toogood makes her debut in the upholstery world, presenting a generously shaped, anthropomorphic armchair that combines her unconventional style with a deep commitment to quality and traditional craftsmanship.

Palette Console
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Also new to Toogood's repertoire is the Palette family of coffee tables and consoles, characterized by intersecting curved lines that form an organic profile inspired by a painter's palette.

The design evokes the wooden building blocks of our childhood, embodying the naive and freeform creativity with which children mix shapes and colors to create small works of art.

“Palette captures the naïve energy and limitless potential of a child’s first set of building blocks.” – Faye

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