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Umbrosa presents the new 2023 collections combining soft colours, designer shapes and new materials

The Belgian brand Umbrosa launches its new outdoor umbrella collections. Easy to use and ergonomic, the Eclipsum UX and the Icarus UX Sand are the perfect choice for a unique open-air experience.

Umbrosa is guided by nature to create innovative and versatile shady areas. Nature is an endless source of inspiration: plants and trees create shade in their own unique way. Umbrosa shade solutions are an expression of sophistication and simplicity.

Umbrosa's UX collections mix exceptional design and timeless elegance. UX stands for 'Unique Experience': each umbrella is a perfect combination of colour, shape and practicality. The contemporary style of the new collection embraces every outdoor environment.

The new Eclipsum UX plays with round shapes and curved corners found in contemporary architecture: an iconic umbrella that enhances any outdoor space with its unique character.

The Icarus UX stands out for its elegant, nature-inspired leaf shape and its extreme wind resistance. Using a built-in pivoting mechanism, the umbrella rotates a full 360° around its axis. With its soft, natural tones and materials, this umbrella is the perfect choice for both modern residential homes and cosy retro style houses. The new Sand version has a lacquered limestone beige frame and a sand-coloured canopy.

The Nano UX umbrellas are designed for terraces and smaller outdoor spaces. The canopy of the umbrella can be tilted sideways for optimal shade.

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