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Unexpected beauty

Love for wood and respect for nature. For over forty years, Van Rossum has been shaping solid oak furniture, working the material with great mastery to reveal its unexpected beauty.

The first step is the careful selection of the wood: it is said that the suppliers recognise each tree and choose the strongest and most valuable ones. The second step is the ageing process at the Bergharen site in the Netherlands. Van Rossum's excellence is in the art of waiting: he knows how to create a bond with time so that his furniture will last forever.

Finally, there is the workmanship by craftsmen who know French oak and its secrets for perfection, and are in love with it. Thus, they cut the wood in such a way as to reveal - once again in an unexpected way - the patterns, the rings, the grain that make it unique and special.

One Van Rossum

Created by Italian architect and designer Andrea Tognon, the Got collection showcases his interpretation of furnishing items. Starting from the archetypal idea of furniture, Tognon deconstructs it in its basic elements, to revisit it in a new form.

One Van Rossum

Dining Table One, Bench and Cabinet are the result of the union of Andrea Tognon's design with the Van Rossum woodworking philosophy. In this enchanting blend, the Got line captures the essence of the furnishing object, as intended by the former, and the essence of the material of which it is made of, according to the latter.

beam Van Rossum
beam van rossum

The Beam collection carries the Marlieke van Rossum design. The dining table, rectangular with a bevelled edge and half-moon legs, enhances the geometry of the lines and curves, and the natural character of the wood, which deliberately allows for knots and cracks to show. The coffee table combines solid oak beams supported by a painted metal base. The effect is one of sturdiness, the echo is that of the forest.

Lens van rossum

Lens by Bart Lens is a tribute to the tasks that one carries out there. Robust, secure, a table created to support the time dedicated to study and work.

Moonlounger van rossum
Adjacencies Van Rossum

Solidity: this is the key word for the Adjacencies collection of coffee tables designed by Samuel Barclay. Natural rough finishes, subtle breaks and cracks in the Van Rossum solid oak. The result is a rustic texture and an exquisite interplay of geometries.

Motrely Van Rossum
Bracci Van Rossum
Stijl Van Rossum

A coffee table of rare beauty. Stijl by Erjan Borren is a mixture of materials, layers and finishes: wooden supports contrast with a nickel, steel or marble slab.

Elements Van Rossum

Once again, it's Andrea Tognon that designs the T-Elements collection for Van Rossum. The chair is a fixture-free joining of the seat, the back and the trapezoidal legs. The coffee table rests its large, rectangular, rounded top on low, trunk-shaped legs.

AB Van Rossum
Eos Van Rossum

Eos by Frederik Delbart is a classic, solid and comfortable barstool. In solid oak or American walnut, with the seating cushion upholstered in fine leather or fabric.

Barrel Van Rossum
Nota bene Van Rossum
Kitale Van Rossum

The gentle angles, the rounded edges, the generous back and seat cushioning. This is the Kitale chair by Xavier Dohr.

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