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Defined by timeless design and compositional versatility, the USM modular system has become a staple product in terms of multi-functionality, with a range of elements that beautifully complete and embellish homes or workspaces. Envisioned in the 70s by architect and pioneer of modern industrial construction Fritz Haller, the USM compositions easily adjust to evolving needs and sizes: from the USM Haller system, perfect for domestic settings as a bookcase or a wardrobe, and the USM Haller tables, with adjustable height and various finishes, to the USM felt-covered privacy panels.

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The iconic USM Haller series of custom-made furniture can be converted into convenient cabinets or into shelving and storage systems for the office area. It is the perfect solution to make the most of your space, customising each piece according to your preferences. The modules can either be arranged centrally to function as a room divider or set against a wall to perfectly match the existing architecture.

Characterised by few repeated elements that also limit sound diffusion, USM Haller compositions offer a multitude of configurations and the option of adding new accessories.

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The USM Haller system allows you to contemplate the beauty of your plants, thanks to a new design with special inserts that horizontally integrate plant pots into the furniture system. The combination of the metallic linear structure and the organic shapes of the plants provides a sense of lightness to the whole composition. Furthermore, the watering cycle can be adjusted with the addition of a watering set.

Clean lines and a touch of colour are the ideal elements to create an indoor green oasis. Perfect for the office, the new plant accessories can fit easily into existing furniture configurations.

USM Haller incorporates lighting features with the Haller E system, conceived as an essential accessory for many configurations: perfect to illuminate a closet or a walk-in wardrobe, for instance. Thin and luminous LED modules integrate into the existing supporting structure without the use of cables, becoming virtually invisible once they are mounted. It is possible to adjust the brightness and choose the right colour temperature, depending on use and preference.

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With over 37 tabletop materials to choose from and a broad range of sizes, USM Haller tables and desks are proof of the brand's impressive versatility. Perfect for workstations or for domestic use, the tables have a patented height adjustment system that allows variations from 680 to 860 mm. Ergonomic and versatile, both in colours and finishes, the USM Haller desks can be equipped with a cable duct under the worktop to accurately organise electrical cables.

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In keeping with the modularity of the Haller system, USM privacy panels are the ideal furniture element to visually divide open-plan rooms according to customised configurations. The panels are self-supporting thanks to a solid metal base; in addition, they can be mounted on USM Haller and USM Kitos tables to ensure physical distancing.

Available in a range of five colours, USM felt-covered privacy panels also maximise room acoustics.

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