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Verner Panton chairs: a creative revolution of form, material, and color

From the groundbreaking chair that bears his name—a beloved best-seller within Vitra's collection—to the sophisticated System 123 series by Verpan, Verner Panton's chairs are among the most iconic creations in the history of design, reshaping conventional seating norms through ingenious forms and materials, all while maintaining a sense of timeless elegance and style.

Vitra Panton Chair Classic
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Vitra Eames House Bird
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The Panton Chair is the epitome of the Danish designer's creative prowess. It not only bears the signature of his unique style but also holds the distinction of being the first cantilever chair in the history of modern design crafted from a single piece of plastic. In its form, color, and material, this chair encapsulates the disruptive and innovative essence the defines the designer's body of work.

Vitra Panton Stackable
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Vitra Resting Cat
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Expanding beyond the original Panton Chair Classic with glossy lacquer finish, the stackable version further solidifies its versatility. Retaining the distinct features of the original, this version goes a step further, establishing itself as a functional and comfortable design object suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With a broad spectrum of color options, ranging from vibrant hues to softer tones, it caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Verpan System 123
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Verpan Barboy
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Verpan Cloverleaf
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With the System 123 series, Verner Panton continues his exploration for an alternative to conventional seating, or as he puts it, furniture that emerges organically from the floor, transcending the typical four-legged chair concept.

Verpan Serie 430
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Verpan System 123
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The result is a chair boasting a sinuous profile, offering two distinct bases – circular and butterfly – along with a variety of upholstery options and colors. It effortlessly stands out in the domestic landscape, exuding a natural and sophisticated charm.

Vitra Cone Chair
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Vitra Heart Cone Chair
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Vitra Cork
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Still devoid of traditional legs but now adorned with a distinctly geometric design, the Cone Chair, initially crafted for the Kom Igen restaurant, proudly takes its place in the Originals by Vitra collection. It remains a futuristic marvel, captivating today as much as it did yesterday, as it challenges and transforms the conventional notion of a chair and its proportions.

System 123
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Cone Chair
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VerpanSeries 430 Shop online
Verpan Series 430
VerpanSeries 430Shop online
Verpan Series 430
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Verpan Pantop
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Verpan System 123
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With the Series 430, Verner Panton effortlessly combines simplicity and comfort, crafting a chair that is as inviting as an armchair yet possesses the comfort of a lounge chair. Its minimal and refined structure features a fully upholstered seat and back seamlessly connected to a slender and lightweight outer frame.

Series 430
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Verpan Pantop Portable
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Verpan VP Globe
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