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Women of Design: 5 stories of female creativity

Mohd pays homage to female creativity, showcasing the artistry of Eileen Gray, the exotic style of Paola Navone, the daring approach of Patricia Urquiola, the boundless eclecticism of Studiopepe, and the dreamy imagination of Elena Salmistraro. An inspirational journey through the creations and captivating stories of five visionary women of design.

Adjustable E 1027 Daybed ClassiCon
ClassiCon Adjustable Table E 1027
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ClassiCon Day Bed
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Eileen Gray, renowned designer and architect of the 20th century, embodied the essence of freedom as a guiding principle in both her life and her art, emerging as a symbol of emancipation and independence in a predominantly male-dominated era and professional sphere.

Bibendum Adjustable E 1027 ClassiCon
ClassiCon Bibendum
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ClassiCon Adjustable Table E 1027
ClassiConAdjustable Table E 1027 Shop online
No Conformist Tube Light De Stijl Eileen Gray ClassiCon
ClassiCon Non Conformist
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ClassiCon Tube Light
ClassiConTube Light Shop online

Her creations have become timeless classics, now revived by ClassiCon, and reflect a story of passion that defies stereotypes and overcomes obstacles. Among these are the iconic E 1027 Adjustable table, the Bibendum armchair, the inviting daybed, and the Tube Light neon lamp, all originally conceived for the villa that Eileen designed for fellow architect Jean Badovici.

Paola Navone

Reflecting the spirit of a traveler and dreamer, Paola Navone's work emerges as a melting pot of flavors and colors from across the world, blending exotic aesthetics, folklore, and local tramitions with Western culture. Her creations showcase a captivating interplay between art and history, past and future, always in motion and ever-evolving.

Nepal Chester Moon Baxter
Baxter Nepal
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Baxter Chester Moon
BaxterChester Moon Shop online

Her eclectic style shines through in designs that possess multiple dimensions. Take, for example, Baxter's Nepal armchair: with its distinctive Mongolian upholstery juxtaposed against a sleek, minimalist design, it exudes a whimsical charm that beautifully complements the timeless elegance of a classic piece like the Chester Moon sofa.

Ghost Bed Gervasoni
Gervasoni Ghost 80 Bed
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Vitra Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
VitraEames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Shop online
Flos Taccia
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Ghost 10 Sofa
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Ghost 10 Sofa Gervasoni
Gervasoni Ghost
GervasoniGhost Shop online
Pulpo Oda
PulpoOda Shop online

Gervasoni's renowned Ghost collection effortlessly transitions between formal and informal aesthetics, seamlessly adapting from indoor to outdoor settings with its versatile, removable design.

Ghost Out Gervasoni
Gervasoni Brise 38 Outdoor
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Gervasoni Ghost Out 23
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Patricia Urquiola
Almendra S3 Y
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From Spain to Italy, Patricia Urquiola has solidified her position as a leading figure in contemporary Italian design. Mentored by the visionary Achille Castiglioni and currently artistic director of Cassina, Urquiola brings a bold and distinctive touch to each creation. Her signature organic forms, choice of material, and use of color make her work instantly recognizable.

Dudet Sengu Cassina
Cassina 562 Dudet
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Cassina089 Starbust Shop online
Cassina Paravent Ambassade
CassinaParavent Ambassade Shop online
Cassina 559 Sengu
Cassina559 Sengu Shop online

Spanning across lighting, furniture, decor, and fashion, Urquiola's creations epitomize an emotional connection with living spaces. With pieces like Dudet and Sengu for Cassina, she masterfully orchestrates an interplay of form, material, and color, resulting in an extraordinary and bold aesthetic.

Gogan Moroso
Moroso Gogan Coffee Table
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Moroso Gogan Armchair
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Moroso Gogan Sofa
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The same distinctive character permeates the Gogan collection for Moroso. Inspired by nature, specifically Japanese stones sculpted by time and water, this seating system boasts soft yet majestic shapes, exuding a sense of weightlessness.

Five to Nine Pluto Tacchini
Tacchini Pluto
TacchiniPluto Shop online
Tacchini Five to Nine
TacchiniFive to Nine Shop online

Since 2006, the duo Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, known as Studiopepe, have made a significant impact in the realms of design and fashion through their notable collaborations, cultivating an eclectic style defined by remarkable blends of forms, colors, and materials.

Lunar Addiction
Shop online

Projects like Five to Nine for Tacchini, Nastro for Tooy, or the Lunar Addiction rug for cc-tapis exemplify a visionary yet meticulously structured artistic vision, unfolding in a multifaceted, contemporary language.

Nastro Tooy
Tooy Nastro 563-61
TooyNastro 563-61 Shop online
Arflex Botolo
ArflexBotolo Shop online
Elena Salmistraro
Joggler Illulian
Illulian Joggler Rug
IllulianJoggler Rug Shop online
Varier Ekstrem
VarierEkstrem Shop online

Elena Salmistraro represents the new generation of Italian design, crafting mythical and dreamlike tales through her creations. Blending art and design, she unveils a universe teeming with fantastic figures, monsters, and animals. Her boundless creativity, fueled by a passion for different cultures, breathes life into furniture and decorations imbued with surreal charm.

Elena Salmistraro x cc-tapis
cc-tapis Cartesio
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cc-tapis Flatlandia Rugs Collection
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Bosa Primates Mandrillus
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Bosa Primates Kandti
BosaPrimates Kandti Shop online
Bosa Loricato Armadillo
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