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Wood, a unique protagonist of contemporary living

Having always been among the most chosen materials for furniture and accessories, wood becomes the focus of the latest collections by Andreu World, Riva 1920, Team 7 and Zeitraum. Beauty and warmth come together with impeccable craftsmanship and premium quality raw materials, in order to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. Living spaces are thus embellished with objects of essential design, but able to keep their historical identity intact.

Oru Andreu World

Winner of the Best of NeoCon 2022, the Õru chair, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World, recalls shapes and designs from the 1970s. Bold and eye-catching, it can be recognized by its solid three-legged ash wood frame and upholstery, all in recycled fabric. The color palette makes it a versatile piece of furniture that is perfect for furnishing residential spaces and public places.

The collection, which includes coffee tables, chairs and armchairs available in a variety of sizes, was imagined from an ecodesign perspective, so that each element can be easily separated and recycled at the end of their useful life.

Oru Andreu World
Revo Night Dresser Riva 1920
Revo Night Dresser - Riva 1920

Available in two different lengths, the Revo night dresser in blockboard and solid wood, designed by Giuliano and Gabriele Cappelletti for Riva1920, perfectly brings together lines and material. On the one hand, there is the clean and essential design, easily adaptable to any style, on the other hand there is the wood, visible in the drawers assembled with traditional dovetail joints and in the vertical processing of the fronts. The beautiful modern and dynamic geometric effect gives character and personality.

Alter Ego - Riva 1920

The charm of solid wood is clearly visible in the Alter Ego table, designed by Ilenia Viscardi for Riva 1920. The beauty of the base, born from an interplay of curves and symmetries, makes the whole composition light and original. The top also has virtually no edges, thus reflecting its sinuous character. Available in five different woods, including oak and walnut, Alter Ego becomes a splendid work of art.

Alter Ego - Riva 1920
Pisa - Team7
Pisa - Team7

Made of pure solid wood, the Pisa desk by Team7 combines home office functionality with beauty and well-being. One of the most noticeable innovations is the tilting lift mechanism built into the structure that allows electric height adjustment from 67 to 115 cm, with the top moving forward slightly as it rises for optimal use. In addition, the cables are concealed and thus virtually invisible. For use in a sitting or standing position, Pisa can also be combined with an additional top unit, which includes a storage shelf and can be customized with a variety of fabrics or leather colors.

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The Zenso chair collection is enriched with another striking item, the beautiful Zenso High lounge chair. Its cross-shaped wooden frame and an upholstery made from natural latex and a fleece of organic sheep's wool make it the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

The deliberately marked shape of the backrest is inspired by the Enso circle, a symbol of enlightenment, infinity and the absolute universe, typical of Japanese calligraphy, which becomes an integral and recognizable part of the design.

Comfortable and soft, Zenso High has a head cushion that can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Zenso Zeitraum
ZeitraumAd Just
Just - Zeitraum
Jundo Motarasu
Carl Hansen & SønWindsor
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Windsor - Carl Hansen

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